Why choose a cruise to Warnemunde?

Located a convenient 300 metres from the train station and city centre, Warnemunde Port is able to comfortably accommodate up to three cruise liners at any one time. With Rostock under half-an-hour away, there are multiple sightseeing opportunities to enjoy, either in Warnemunde itself or in nearby towns.

A popular holiday destination in its own right, thanks to great lengths of soft sand and fantastic restaurants, Warnemunde has a lot more to see and do than might be initially obvious. Catering to sunseekers and foodies alike, this is a part of Germany not to be missed.

warnemundeA guide to Warnemunde’s hotspots

Keen shoppers will love scouring the streets of Warnemunde, which are jam-packed with charming little outlets, most of which are housed in cottage-like buildings. From wooden toymakers through to bakeries, jam producers and even local artists, there is a fantastic range of products to take home and none of them will have come from big-name chains.

Some of the most famous landmarks in the area, Warnemunde has a number of very pretty lighthouses, and for just a few Euros you can scale to the top of the one at the beach. Once at the top, gorgeous views out over the harbour can be enjoyed, and you can take the opportunity to find a picturesque restaurant to head to after you climb back down.

warnemundeWhen it comes to food, Warnemunde has a terrific selection of restaurants and little cafes, but there is a local delicacy that can’t be ignored! The fish sandwiches, or Fischbrotchen as the locals call them, are available from a host of food trucks and stalls that pepper the promenade, and are definitely worth a try. With a range of different styles available, there is a variety for everyone and don’t be afraid to try some of the sauces, as they really make the dish.

Cruise lines that sail to the port of Warnemunde

The best time to visit Warnemunde

warnemundeThere’s little chance of rain or snow for most of the year, but Warnemunde can feel a little chilly due to its oceanic climate. For the best chance of sun and warm weather, June to August are the best months to visit, with highs reaching around 24°C, allowing for some fantastic beach days.

In the summer evenings, temperatures are unlikely to drop much below 14°C, and with winds being moderate at worst, you can expect a rather temperate visit.

Did you know?

  • English is spoken almost as much as German in Warnemunde, due to the number of US and UK tourists who visit every year
  • The local economy used to be entirely dependent on the fishing industry
  • The painter, Edvard Munch, who created The Scream, used to live in Warnemunde.