Why choose a cruise to Bremerhaven?

Bremerhaven was once the largest emigration port in Europe, and has a rich nautical heritage. Old ships still float in the docks, and the port is the epicentre of the town. You’ll be able to explore inside a submarine and visit the German Maritime Museum to learn more about this rich legacy.

But Bremerhaven has a hip, modern side, too. The harbourside has been rejuvenated with futuristic buildings, intriguing interactive museums and a pedestrianised stretch lined with restaurants and market stalls. You can even take a river cruise to the nearby ancient city of Bremen.

bremerhaven germanyA guide to Bremerhaven’s hotspots

Bremerhaven’s star attraction is the newly built Klimahaus Bremerhaven 8° Ost. This futuristic museum takes you on a journey along the longitudinal meridian 8° east, where Bremerhaven is situated. You’ll travel through interactive environments, getting a multisensory experience of the world’s climate zones – from the arid heat of Africa to the freezing temperatures of Antarctica. Kids and grown-ups will love this unique museum!

Another noteworthy museum is the German Emigration Centre. It commemorates the seven million people who sailed from Bremerhaven to America. The exhibition uses a series of interactive exhibits to help you visualise these individual journeys across the Atlantic to the New World.

bremerhaven germanyWander along the waterfront stretch known as Schaufenster Fischereihafen. This picturesque boulevard is fronted by delicious seafood restaurants, pubs and maritime-themed shops. There’s also a fish station where you’ll see live cooking demonstrations. Markets and public events are regularly held here.

Foodies should make a beeline for Fischräucherei Franke, a traditional smokehouse that uses smoke-filled ovens to cure the fresh salmon and halibut they catch. Their fish sandwiches are rumoured to be the best in Bremerhaven.

Cruise lines that sail to the port of Bremerhaven

The best time to visit Bremerhaven

If you like sightseeing in the sunshine, visit Bremerhaven during July and August, when the temperature averages 18°C, rising to 21°C.

During the winter months, the temperature plummets. But although December is a chilly 2°C, the festive Christmas markets in Bremerhaven and Bremen are warm and welcoming.

Did you know?

  • Bremerhaven’s motto is ‘Meer erleben’ – which means ‘experience the sea’ and ‘experience more’
  • Bremerhaven is part of the Bremen region, which has a unique cuisine of dishes such as chick ragout and brown kale with local pinkelsausages
  • In Bremerhaven you can explore inside a German U-boat that was built in 1945, and never went out on patrol