Why choose a cruise to Amsterdam?


Choosing an Amsterdam cruise is making a commitment to a laid-back voyage full of colour and curiosity. As much as this is a capital city of shopping and dining and nightlife, it’s also a breezy, relaxed place to play.

In terms of history and art, this city is hard to beat. You can step back into The Age of Sail, but also the more visceral experiences of Anne Frank and the Second World War, all tastefully preserved in museums across the city. And of course, a canal cruise is a wonderful way to see the city by dusk, assuming you don’t take a cycling tour.

A guide to Amsterdam’s hotspots

windmill and bikes holland

The attractions of Amsterdam are so numerous that it would take pages to list them – this is a city that rewards the curious and the bold.

However, for art fans the Van Gogh Museum gives an intimate look into the troubled mind of one of the world’s most fascinating artists. For a more upmarket look at the city’s heritage of craftsmanship, you can opt for a shore excursion that explores the history of diamonds and jewellery in Amsterdam.

Tram rides and canal trips make for fantastic old-fashioned ways to see the city, and when all the cosmopolitan trappings become too much, you can get out into the suburbs and see the pastoral windmills and cheese-churning farms of the rural Netherlands.

Cruise lines that sail to the port of Amsterdam

Amsterdam is an evergreen cruising destination, and one that every cruise line you can think of makes a special effort to include in a meaningful itinerary of northern Europe. Naturally, the most famous and beloved of those cruise lines do their bit to help you fall in love with Amsterdam just as they have, and they include:

– Marella Cruises

– Princess Cruises

– P&O Cruises

– Royal Caribbean

The best time to visit Amsterdam

tulips in amsterdam

With The Netherlands so beloved for its tulips, springtime is a great time to visit Amsterdam. The weather is warming up at this time, and the colourful tulips bloom at their best between March and April – plenty of cruises run itineraries to make the most of this time.

The high seasons of Amsterdam run between May and August, and December and January for winter city break and Christmas-market crowds. This really is an evergreen cruising destination that can offer different experiences at depending on the time of year. To avoid the crowds, many cruisers take the approach of heading to the city in autumn, when the summer crowds have faded and the Christmas crowds have not yet arrived.

Amsterdam is a compelling and brilliant cruise destination that should definitely feature in your voyage, even if you’ve visited the city before.

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