North America Cruises

Prepare for unforgettable thrills on your North America cruise. Sail away to the city that never sleeps for some serious 5th Avenue shopping and spectacular sightseeing at the top of the Empire State building. Make a stop at Florida, where the world-famous Everglades await your exploration or step into your favourite movies at Universal Studios.

Walk along the Baywatch beaches of the Golden State of California and experience the movie star world that is Hollywood. California has so many iconic places – San Diego, San Francisco, Los Angeles – the list goes on!

Camera at the ready! Amazing wildlife is at your fingertips in Alaska and what better way to witness it than with a husky dog sledge through Juneau. Alternatively, get up close and personal with Canada’s iconic brown bear as you wander through the lushest green landscapes.

Hawaii Cruises

Don’t miss out on America’s 50th state Hawaii! Welcomed by a garland of Hawaiian flowers and soaring volcanic peaks, Hawaii is an isolated archipelago island bursting with rugged landscapes, exotic rainforests, cascading waterfalls and a wonderful range of gold, red, black and even green sands!

Holidaymakers flock for miles to surf the clear blue waters and partake in the traditional Hawaiian party, a luau – where hula dancers in grass skirts move to the sweet sounds of the ukulele, and pigs are spit-roasted above the fire.

For a truly moving experience book an excursion to Pearl Harbour, visit the Arizona Memorial and pay your respects to the 1,177 soldiers who lost their lives.

Why choose a North America & Hawaii Cruise?

The ultimate cruise lies with the combination of North American wonders and Hawaiian treasures. Mix sightseeing, soaring skyscrapers and theme parks with beaches perfect for tan-topping, cocktails out of coconuts and watersport adventures – you can have the best of both worlds with one of these special sailings.

The best time for a North America & Hawaii Cruise

Luckily for all you cruisers, Hawaii has good weather all year round! However, the rainier seasons fall between November to March. What other excuse do you need for a summer cruise to Hawaii?

North America cruises have such a diverse range of climates, so it’s best to pack for all occasions. Florida sees plenty of sunshine for most of the year, New York on the other hand has summer months much like ours and the winter months are certainly hat, scarf and glove temperatures!