Why choose a cruise to Stavanger?

stavangerFrom the cinematic majesty of the fjords and surrounding summits, to the vibrant shades of the charming dwellings, Stavanger holds surprises at every turn. Dating to the 12th century, there’s no shortage of culture, and Stavanger’s meticulous preservation and creativity ensures its rare beauty is not just maintained, but constantly evolving. The streets are brimming with character, the magnificent Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) is a true gem, and there’s always western Norway’s biggest amusement park (Kongeparken), to keep the kids entertained. Whether you’re looking for natural beauty or historic attractions, you’ll be spoiled for choice in this most enchanting of northern cities.

A guide to Stavanger’s hotspots

Constantly among the highest-rated of all Stavanger’s attractions is the awe-inspiring Lysefjord, a 26-mile stretch surrounded by stunning waterfalls and mountains, along with the freakish 25m x 25m flat-top rock of the Preikestolen.

stavanger norwayInto the city itself, you’ll find the delightful area of Old Stavanger, the highlight of which has to be the 173 small, white wooden cottages that have been here since the early 18th century. A lot of time and money has been spent keeping them beautifully preserved, and they’re complemented by quaint galleries, boutiques and museums.

Other lovely areas to explore include Sogndalstrand village, full of winding streets, small shops and galleries, with a picturesque salmon river running through it. And then there’s the ‘Notting Hill of Norway’, Øvre Holmegate, with its buildings painted in a variety of fresh and vibrant colours.

And when you’re in the oil capital of Norway, it only seems right to take a look at the Norwegian Petroleum Museum. It’s full of modern interactive exhibitions relating to how oil and gas were discovered and used. There’s also a cafe and bar, along with a number of fun activities for the kids. The little ones can even see what it’s like to be an off-shore oil worker, which includes a slide down a makeshift escape chute!

For more family fun, there’s Kongeparken, Western Norway’s largest amusement park, complete with the country’s longest bobsleigh run, its biggest merry-go-round, and its highest Ferris wheel – the Airship.

Cruise lines that sail to the port of Stavanger

The best time to visit Stavanger

As you’d expect, it gets chilly in Stavanger – down to around 3.8˚C on average in the winter – and there’s plenty of snow, too. On the bright side, the summers are quite warm, with July, August and September being the hottest months – usually around 20˚C in the daytime, and only dropping to around 14˚C at night. The better climate and long days of sunlight make summer a great time to experience Stavanger’s many festivals and sandy beaches.

Did you know?

  • One of Norway’s oldest cities, Stavanger was officially founded back in 1125
  • Stavanger is one of the world’s leading cities when it comes to street art – the annual Nuart Stavanger Street Art Festival always attracts a lot of attention
  • The first recorded settlement in the Stavanger region dates all the way back to the Ice Age