Why book a Fjord cruise?

The only way to experience the Fjords true beauty is by taking a cruise – what other excuse do you need? Weave your way in and out 1,700 metre high peaks filled with mesmerising greenery.

Admired by most, the fjords of Western Norway have managed to bag themselves a place on the UNESCO World Heritage list. Narrow, steep crystalline rock walls boasting waterfalls and free-flowing rivers, perfect for kayaking and mini adventures.

Bergen remains one of the most popular ports of call for a Fjord cruise and it isn’t hard to see why. Surrounded by the country’s largest and deepest fjord, Sognefjord – your experience will be nothing short of scenic.

Wonder through brightly coloured wooden houses for a slice of Norwegian culture, or hike to the top of the highest peak.

Stavanger is another favourite with 12-century churches, museums displaying its ancient roots and enchanting wildlife.  Explore hidden villages and the legendary Seven Sister waterfalls in Geiranger, or the art of nouveau in Alesund.

The best time for a Fjord cruise

Cruises to Norway might be colder than your average cruise during the winter seasons, but with their fascinating wildlife, stunning natural landscapes and unique culture, they are just as exciting and relaxing.

Summer seasons are peak for cruises to the Fjords, perfect for barbecues by the water side and getting lost in old cobbled streets.

June through to August will see highs of mid 20°C temperatures. But spring time is when you can take full advantage of Norway’s natural beauty, with blossoming flowers and lush green landscapes.

Cruise lines large and small are expanding into this part of the world, which means incredible new opportunities for exciting itineraries through the year.

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