Why choose a cruise to Ancona?

Although initial impressions of Ancona might be of a bustling port town, venture away from the harbour and you’ll see that this underrated destination is full of captivating surprises.

From artificial-island museums to Roman ruins, there are lots of attractions to explore on an Ancona cruise. As you uncover renaissance palazzi and shaded parks, the city’s beauty will really grow on you. It’s surrounded by beautiful beaches, too.


A guide to Ancona’s hotspots

Ancona’s star attraction is the Lazzaretto of Ancona, a pentagonal building occupying an artificial island near the port. Initially built as a quarantine station for leprosy sufferers, it now houses regular events and exhibitions, as well as a unique tactile museum.

Spend a few hours exploring the streets and squares of Ancona’s old town. The Piazza del Plebiscito is a good place to start, as this historic square is surrounded by colourful mansions, a baroque church and several outdoor restaurants. At the top of the old town is a turquoise-domed cathedral, its entrance guarded by red stone lions.

If you choose to go on an Ancona cruise, we recommend checking out the region’s beaches. The most pristine are located in the beautiful Conero National Park, just south of Ancona. San Michele Beach is a sweeping curve of white sand and turquoise waters, located near the resort town of Sirolo.

Ancona has a fascinating cuisine, both influenced by regional produce and the Jewish community who once lived in the city. We recommend trying some local delicacies, such as brodetto, a seafood stew traditionally made with a dozen types of fish, or a spreadable salami flavoured with orange and fennel, known as ciauscolo.

Sirolo Monte Conero

Cruise lines that sail to the port of Ancona

The best time to visit Ancona

Ancona has hot summers and chilly winters. If you’re a sun seeker, visit during July and August when the temperature ranges from 25°C-29°C. Don your swimsuit and head down to one of the region’s beaches to relax.

However, it’s still warm enough for sunbathing in the off-peak month of September, when the temperature averages 20°C-24°C. On top of this, there are also two festivals on during these months. The most fascinating is the Festival of the Sea, which offers a colourful array of parades, free shows and a food market.

Did you know?

· Ancona is located on an elbow-shape promontory – its original Greek name, Ancon, means ‘elbow’

· You can sunbathe and ski here, for even though Ancona has hot summers it often snows in winter, due to air masses from the Balkans or Russia

· Ancona’s tactile museum was built with visually impaired people in mind, and you can handle artefacts instead of looking at them