Why choose a cruise to Fira?

You’ll lose your heart to stunning Fira, a town of whitewashed houses and distinctive blue churches lining striking red cliffs. At sunset the buildings turn a distinctive orange colour, and the waters of the Mediterranean glimmer red and gold.

Fira is a good base for exploring the rest of Santorini. The romantic village of Oia, with its distinctive blue-domed church, is just a short ride away. There’s easy access to some of Santorini’s striking volcanic black-sand beaches, too.

Houses on the hillside Thira

A guide to Fira’s hotspots

Explore the whitewashed alleys of Fira. There are almost 600 steps from the harbour to the town, so we recommend taking a cable car up to the top – slowly ascending up the steep hillside is an attraction in itself!

Once you reach the top you can take advantage of the stunning views and browse the souvenir shops. Make sure you find an ocean-facing restaurant to watch the sun set, where you can sample a mezze of traditional dishes, such as fava purée, cured pork loin and tomato fritters known as ntomatokeftedes.

Take a boat trip to Nea Kameni, a tiny uninhabited islet in the Santorini chain. You can scramble up the charcoal-coloured slopes of the islet’s volcano or take a dip in the sea around the island. The water has turned rust-red in places, caused by underwater hot springs that are safe to swim in.

The beaches of Santorini are a range of different colours, due to the volcanic activity on the island. The distinctive Red Beach, a short drive from the capital, has brick-coloured cliffs and sands. Atmospheric Vlychada Beach has distinctive yellowish rock formations and dark-grey sand. Most are black-sand beaches, which contrast strikingly with the blue sea.

Red Beach Santorini

Cruise lines that sail to the port of Fira

Marella Cruises

Norwegian Cruise Line

MSC Cruises

Royal Caribbean

The best time to visit Fira

Santorini Caldera

Santorini is a popular summer holiday destination. In July and August the temperature averages 26°C – although it often hits 30°C – which is great weather for sunning yourself on the island’s distinctive beaches.

However, during peak season the island is often crowded with tourists. We recommend visiting in May or October, when you’ll have more space to enjoy romantic moments. During these months the temperature averages 20°C, which is ideal weather for hiking and sightseeing.

Did you know?

  • A unique vegetable grown in Santorini is the white aubergine; it has turned this distinctive colour due to the volcanic soil
  • Santorini sits on the submerged caldera of a volcano
  • Early inhabitants slept in cave houses – some of these have been converted into boutique hotels.