Why choose a cruise to Katakolon for Olympia?

There’s precious little going on in the sleepy Greek town of Katakolon – and that’s exactly its appeal. This picturesque town has maintained an unspoilt charm that makes it a great place to explore. Whether it’s a swim in the clear waters of the Ionian Sea or a visit to the local winery, you’ll leave feeling totally relaxed.

For many people, the highlight of a Katakolon cruise is a visit to the UNESCO world heritage site of Olympia, the birthplace of the Olympic Games. You’ll pass by traditional villages and stunning countryside to reach it.


A guide to Katakolon for Olympia’s hotspots

It won’t take long to wander around the picturesque streets of Katakolon. But once you relax with a glass of ouzo or a plate of freshly-caught fish at one of the local restaurants along the marina, you’ll find the hours slipping by.

The best way to explore the countryside around Katakolon is to take a sightseeing tour on the Tourist Train which takes you through the town and out into the countryside. You’ll stop at Mercury Winery, a traditional vineyard where you can have a tasting, and also at Andreas Beach. This sandy bay, with its clear turquoise waters, is a great place for a dip.

You’ll be fascinated by Ancient Olympia, one of the most noteworthy archaeological sites in the world, housing sights such as Temple of Zeus and the Olympic stadium. Hear about the history of this area as you wander through this scenic area, where freestanding columns and arches are surrounded by trees.

The beaches surrounding Katakolon are renowned for their calm waters – Reneta Beach (also known as Plakes Beach) is closest to port. This picturesque pebbled beach is a great place for a dip after a trip to Olympia. Kourouta Beach, a half-an-hour’s drive away, is a beautiful stretch of golden sand.

Temple of Zeus

Cruise lines that sail to the port of Katakolon

The best time to visit Katakolon

Katakolon is a great summer holiday destination, with hot dry summers and balmy nights. Temperatures average 25°C in July and August, but often reach up to 30°C. Make sure you pack sunscreen.

If you’re taking a Katakolon cruise with the intention of visiting Olympia, why not visit during the Easter holidays? During April, the weather ranges from 15°C-19°C, a pleasant temperature for sightseeing.

Did you know?

· Look out for the Beer Bike, a mobile, pedal-powered bar where you can relax with a beer as you sightsee

· Katakolon has a Museum of Ancient Technology, where you can learn all about Ancient Greek inventions

· The Olympic Games were invented in the 8th century BC – almost 3,000 years ago