Why choose a cruise to Kalamata?

Kalamata, located on the Peloponnese peninsula, is a city of hidden treasures. It has a small but beautifully well-preserved historic quarter, with one-off shops, quaint churches and museums tucked into every corner. Kalamata also has a rich food culture – visit a local taverna or market to sample regional delicacies, including the famous Kalamata olives.

From the craggy peaks of the Taygetos Mountains to the calm waters of the Mediterranean, the countryside around Kalamata yields endless surprises. Explore pristine lagoons and secluded coves, or take a trip to the fascinating ancient city of Messini.


A guide to Kalamata’s hotspots

Explore Kalamata’s old town, which surrounds the city’s picturesque 13th-century castle. Among these winding streets you’ll find cute cafés and shaded squares where you can rub shoulders with the locals. We also recommend a visit to the Railway Museum, where you can explore historic train carriages and trams in picturesque outdoor surroundings.

You can’t go on a Kalamata cruise without visiting the once-great city of Messini, now the most extensive archaeological site in Greece. Marvel at the large amphitheatre and the old market, where there are animal carvings etched into the walls.

After a morning of sightseeing you’ll love relaxing on Kalamata’s beach, which stretches for miles. Although lined with restaurants, bars and other amenities, you won’t have to fight the crowds here; there are numerous other beaches nearby, too. For something really special we recommend the Navarino Lagoon, where turquoise waters are surrounded by a pristine white-sand beach.

The Caves of Diros, on the Mani peninsula, also make for a fascinating excursion. Take a boat trip through twisting tunnels and stalactite-filled caverns. These subterranean chambers were once places of worship for Stone Age tribes.


Cruise lines that sail to the port of Kalamata

The best time to visit Kalamata

If you plan spending time on the beach, visit the sun-drenched shores of Kalamata in July or August. During these months the temperature averages 25°C, but often reaches up to the early 30s. Even during peak months, the beaches aren’t too crowded.

In December, the temperature ranges from 12°C-17°C. Visit Kalamata during this time for a unique Christmas holiday. Get into the festive spirit with a visit to the Christmas market while enjoying some winter sun.

Did you know?

· Every July, Greece’s premier contemporary dance festival is held in Kalamata

· Kalamata olives are world-renowned. They are a dark-purple colour with an intense flavour

· For a local appetiser, pair Kalamata olives with salty sfela cheese and lalagia – crunchy, citrusy twists of fried dough