You won’t know where to begin when you witness lush landscapes, rustic old towns and historical fortresses in this dreamy destination. And as we want your experience to be one to remember, we’ve got a guide to make sure you know about all best things to in Dubrovnik – trust us, it’s a magical experience you won’t want to miss.

Wall of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik City Walls

It’s hard not to spot this ancient Croatian wall, as it dominates the city of Dubrovnik. One of the most popular sights for its dramatic views of the Adriatic, you’ll be lured in by it’s fascinating history too. Most will recognise its striking beauty from the HBO series Game of Thrones as the setting of ‘King’s Landing’.

Luckily for all you Game of Thrones fans, you can actually take a tour of the grounds! You’ll even get to sit on the Iron Throne and make your way down the ‘Walk of Shame’.

But for those who’d rather tackle the mighty wall themselves, it’ll take around two hours to explore the whole circle – but the breathtaking sights you’ll see on the way make it worthwhile. Cameras at the ready as you capture views of hidden narrow streets, the Old Harbour, and St. John’s Fortress – exploring on foot is the best way to see Dubrovnik.

Mount Srd

Mount Srd

If you think the views are amazing from the Wall of Dubrovnik, you’re in for a real treat once you climb up Mount Srd. At a soaring 412 metres in height, the whole city will look like a picture straight from a fairy tale book.

Take a cable car up to the highest peak, where you’ll find a quaint restaurant overlooking the Adriatic and beyond – serving snacks, drinks and meals. Or if you’re feeling adventurous, take a ride around the mountain on a buggy safari. It’s a real experience!

On a clear day you’ll see up to 37 miles away – this astounding natural wonder truly makes for an unforgettable adventure.

Old Town

Old Town Dubrovnik

Not just any old town, Dubrovnik is the home to the world’s finest and most perfect preserved medieval cities. Each street has a fascinating story to tell with its historic stone walls, smell of aromatic herbs and a bustling local culture.

You’ll find extraordinary examples of gothic architecture such as the legendary Onofrio Fountain and Church of St. Blaise. There’s numerous museums and art galleries to keep you amused for hours, and plenty of mouth-watering Mediterranean and Dalmatian cuisine to get your taste buds tingling.

For more information about the best restaurants and bars in Dubrovnik, check out our food and drink guide.

The Old Town is a traffic-free zone which helps preserve its ancient feel, and allows you to explore the cities delights without the hustle and bustle of cars, buses and cyclists.

Lokrum Island

Island of Lokrum

Just a short ferry ride away from Old Town Dubrovnik lies the island of Lokrum, a natural paradise full of pine, cypress and olive trees.

Although this beautiful island boasts the lushest greenery, it isn’t short of medieval wonders either – you’ll find the Benedictine Monastery here. And if you didn’t know already, this island was shelter to King Richard the Lionheart while he was shipwrecked on his trip back home in the 12th century.

Summer is a great time to visit, with the opportunity to snorkel along the colourful coast. And with the beaches being so private here, it makes for a great tan topping spot. The botanical gardens are a must-visit too!

Banje Beach

Banje Beach

Water sports are extremely popular in Dubrovnik and it isn’t hard to see why, with glittering clear blue waters that’ll leave you in awe. The most popular beach to visit is Banje Beach, with its mesmerising views of Dubrovnik’s Old Town and Lokrum Island.

Banje Beach makes for the perfect day out with the family – boasting jet skis, speed boats, kayaks, paddle boards and so many more fun water sports. Plus, you’ll find hidden caves and colourful sea life when you snorkel the beauty of the Adriatic.

So if you’re looking for the perfect day of relaxation, Banje beach won’t disappoint – and neither will the Mediterranean sun.

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