Once you’re worn out from exploring all that Dubrovnik has to offer – from its defensive stone walls  dating back to the Middle Ages to it’s fantastic fortresses – why not soak up some rays on one of these enticing beaches…

Banje Beach

Banje Beach

The closest beach to the city centre, this gorgeous stretch of sand sits just beyond Ploče Gate (the main entrance to Old Town from the Eastern side).

Depending on the waves, this beach serves up a mixture of pebbles and sand, and even has a selection of water sports on offer too – so fire up the jet ski or hop on an inflatable for some fun in the sun!

There aren’t many beaches that give you the best of both worlds – a sumptuous stretch of sand, shimmering blue waters and views overlooking a medieval city. It’s a must-visit!

Buza Beach

Buza Beach

Looking for something more unique? Well how about bathing on the walls of Dubrovnik themselves? Yes, you read that right!

Buza Beach is a unique sunbathing spot that can be found on the boulders at the bottom of the Southe wall of Dubrovnik, with unparalleled views of Lokrum Island and the open Adriatic.

In the spring and summer months there’s even a beach bar open for cool refreshments, especially as this is a spot where you’re unlikely to find shade.

To reach it, simply make your way through the small streets of the old town behind the cathedral, where you’ll pass through a small door in the wall that leads to the beach steps. Soaking up the sun right on the edge of the city’s famous walls is a surreal experience.

Sveti Jakov Beach

Sveti Jakov Beach

Arguably the most beautiful beach within Dubrovnik’s reach, this slice of heaven is located about a mile away from the Old Town, in a little protected bay of its own.

Away from the hustle and bustle of the centre, this little cove offers tantalising views over the Adriatic, with the Old Town and Lokrum Island being featured in the distance.

Make your way down the steps and you’ll be rewarded with what feels like a private retreat. Rent a sunlounger and soak up the scenes before you or head to the beach’s very own restaurant and bar for a bite to eat and a cocktail or two.

Danče Beach

Dance Beach

Say hello to the quietest beach out of the bunch, and one of the oldest in Dalmatia and Dubrovnik. Soft sands aren’t really a thing here – instead you’ll find rocky terraces and a deep, clean (and a little colder) sea, where large waves are frequent – meaning it’s not suited towards children and poor swimmers.

You’re more likely to mix with the locals here and witness a bit of water polo being played, as this beach was in fact the training place of the ‘Jug’ water polo club, boasting being the Croatian and European champions over 20 times.

Lokrum Island

Lokrum Island

Just a 15-minute taxi-boat ride from the old harbour of Dubrovnik you’ll find Lokrum Island. For pure peace and tranquillity, this is the place to go.

Surrounding you with pine, cypress and olive trees, this serene setting is a truly refreshing experience, and in direct contrast to the terracotta-roofed city that lies opposite.

The beaches here are utterly pristine – and are very popular for swimming. Make sure to head to the island’s lake – the Dead Sea – which is pretty unique, being linked to the sea itself as well as crystal clear and calm.

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