Why choose a cruise to Dubrovnik?

Dubrovnik is a city that can’t help but spark the imagination. Visitors stepping off the cruise ship often can’t help but follow in the footsteps of the actors from Game of Thrones, thanks to early scenes in King’s Landing being filmed here.

And of course, that paints a perfect picture of Dubrovnik’s tan-walled, red-roofed charm. Ancient structures and medieval castles are the order of the day here, all capped with embracing hillsides and vast sea views swathed in sun.

Dubrovnik Croatia

A guide to Dubrovnik’s hotspots

Visitors on a Dubrovnik cruise often make a beeline for the Rector’s Palace, where much of the city’s most compelling history is held. In these storied walls, you’ll find everything from old letters and documents to authentic locally produced furniture, as well as artefacts excavated both here and throughout Croatia.

Another must-see is the 17th-century cathedral, surrounded by evocative ruins and the beating heart of the old-town district. This entire region of Dubrovnik whispers of bygone ages, with medieval buildings and forgotten side streets inviting the canny explorer.

Of course, cruisers visiting Dubrovnik are just as welcome to take to the sea once again, this time in a kayak or a boat tour that highlights the incredible good looks and culture of the region. Seeing the city from another angle in this way gives you access to outer castle walls and forgotten seaside nooks that staying on terra firma simply can’t let you touch.

Dubrovnik Town Cathedral

Cruise lines that sail to the port of Dubrovnik

Dubrovnik is on a growing number of Mediterranean cruise itineraries, meaning that cruise fans have plenty of choice when selecting which cruise line to sail with here. Naturally, that features plenty of big names and established favourites, including:

– Marella Cruises

– Royal Caribbean

– Celebrity Cruises

– P&O Cruises

The best time to visit Dubrovnik

Thanks to its Mediterranean location, Dubrovnik enjoys a richly warm climate where blue skies and sunbeams are a daily norm. As such, even the winters here lean on the mild side and can be comfortably seen on a cruise without the need for a coat.

That said, summertime is definitely when Dubrovnik shines brightest. While temperatures hover in the welcome and balmy 20s for much of spring and autumn, come June, July and August you can expect thermometers to effortlessly rise above the 30s.

If you’re looking to explore without too much heat, a springtime or autumn cruise could well be your answer when it comes to experiencing the wonders of Dubrovnik. A lot of people love to start their new year on a Mediterranean cruise, too, in which Dubrovnik often pops up as a favourite destination.

This is a city with history, culture and cuisine to engage cruisers. With sunlight galore and plenty of stories to share, Dubrovnik deserves to be part of your next cruise experience.

Dubrovnik Town