Why choose a cruise to Sir Bani Yas?

Featuring one of the largest wildlife reserves in the region, Sir Bani Yas invites exploration. Critically endangered animals roam freely among the mangroves, offering visitors the chance to witness rare species up close.

For those inclined towards a little R&R, the enclave has much to offer, with pristine beaches transforming the island idyll. For more active holidaymakers, attractions include water sports on the ocean to horse-riding across the reserve.

abu dhabiA guide to Sir Bani Yas’s hotspots

For nature lovers, Sir Bani Yas ticks all the boxes: an eco-conscious mentality allows visitors to see rare, endangered species up close, and indulge in a wide range of water-based activities at their leisure.

Arabian Wildlife Park

Encompassing half of the island itself, the Arabian Wildlife Park features a variety of indigenous species unique to the Arabian Peninsula, including sand gazelles and mountain gazelles, as well as the striking striped hyena. The park itself affords visitors ample opportunity to become immersed in nature through its trails and game drives, followed by panoramic dining experiences amid the beauty of this breathtaking backdrop.

mountain gazelleTraditional Dhow Mini Cruise

Seeking an authentic Arabian experience that puts relaxation at the top of the agenda? For dining with a difference, Sir Bani Yas offers visitors traditional mini cruise adventures on board a dhow (a traditional sailing vessel), comprising delicious meals and a scenic meander of the Arabian strait.

Mangrove Kayaking

Fancy something more adventurous? The island’s mangrove kayaking experience is just the job, providing visitors with the chance to navigate their way through the intricate mangrove swampland.

kayakingCruise lines that sail to the port of Sir Bani Yas

Best time to visit Sir Bani Yas

Featuring consistently cloud-free skies, Sir Bani Yas is a sun-seeker’s paradise, receiving relatively minimal rainfall.

Daily temperatures do vary throughout the seasons – June and July tend to experience averages of 38°C-40°C, making the 30°C average from November to March better suited to holidaymakers, plus the humidity drops between these months, too.

Did you know?

  • Sir Bani Yas acquired its name from the Bani Yas tribe of Abu Dhabi
  • The island provides a refuge for critically endangered animals, such as sand gazelles and barbary sheep
  • Shaikh Zayed played an instrumental role in developing the island for eco-tourism, through his ‘Greening of the Desert’ programme