Why choose a Central America cruise?

A Central America cruise is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. You’ll travel through a region with a vibrant culture and amazing natural beauty. There’s no shortage of things to marvel at as you cruise around countries such as Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and Costa Rica.

Visit the stunning island of Roatán off the northern coast of Honduras. You’ll be astounded by the pure white sand and clear blue seas. We recommend taking a snorkelling or scuba-diving trip to fully experience the island – you’ll be blown away by the shoals of tropical fish and submerged shipwrecks.

Disembark at the bustling port of Belize City. It was once ruled by the British, so you might be surprised to see some British-looking buildings and street names. But Belize has also been shaped by the ancient Mayan civilisation. Take a river cruise to the enthralling Lamanai ruins where you can explore ancient pyramid-shaped temples and learn about Mayan culture.

Stop off at Guatemala’s largest port, San Tomas De Castilla, where there are plenty of amazing activities to choose from. You can take a kayaking trip, hike through the rainforest, or hit up the shops in Puerto Barrios. Make sure you take time out to enjoy some delicious seafood, especially the local ceviche.

There are many different cruise itineraries to choose from, most of which range from 7–14 days. You can stick to cruising Central America or choose a cruise that adds in destinations in the Caribbean and South America, such as Jamaica or Venezuela. Whatever choice you make, your Central America cruise promises some of the world’s best beaches, amazing scenery, hot sun and delicious food.

The best time for a Central America cruise

Central America is a tropical region that doesn’t experience the same seasonal changes as the UK – instead it has a wet season and a dry season. If you’re visiting Central America for the beaches, then we recommend visiting in the dry season, between November and April. The weather during this time can range from 25°C-32°C, so make sure you pack sunscreen.

Some people actually prefer visiting during the rainy season, when there are fewer tourists. It usually only rains for an hour or so during the afternoon, which provides a refreshing respite from the heat. During this period the jungles and rainforests are alive with colour, and the river levels are higher, making it a good season for kayaking and boat trips.

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