Why choose a cruise to Kingstown?

The idyllic island of St Vincent has it all: unspoilt bays; dense tropical forests; imposing waterfalls and valleys; and a lively city at its heart. Kingstown’s beautiful architecture and welcoming locals will win you over on arrival, as will its delectable food and historical sites. You can walk for miles, encountering quaint villages and dormant volcanoes.

St Vincent is famous for more than its gorgeous scenery: parts of the island were used for filming the Pirates of the Caribbean movies. There are plenty of tours you can take to see the places Keira Knightly and Johnny Depp starred in.

kingstownA guide to Kingstown’s hotspots

See as much of St Vincent’s unique landscape as you can. The famous Bat Cave is worth passing on a tour: it’s home to a huge, noisy number of the animals. Then, head over to Dark View Falls. It’s a 25m waterfall that cascades down a sheer cliff face – it’s impressive and dramatic.

Wallilabou Bay is a must-see, especially for fans of Pirates of the Caribbean. Not only was it featured in the films, but it’s a gorgeous bay with spectacular views. If you want something more active, trek up La Soufrière volcano, dive around the island’s craggy coastline, or kayak around its hidden bays and amazing caves.

The lively city of Kingstown is filled with upbeat music, delectable food and striking architecture. Spend time exploring the old buildings: Saint Mary’s Cathedral, the Law Courts and the Carnegie Building are worth visiting. Fort Charlotte is also a must: the fortress was built in the 19thcentury and offers up some incredible views over the surrounding islands.

Just outside Kingstown are the Botanical Gardens. These old, beautiful gardens are home to many different medicinal and tropical plants, as well as the rare St Vincent Parrot. Once you’re done exploring, head back to the beach and soak up the relaxing atmosphere and warm weather.

Cruise lines that sail to the port of Kingstown

The best time to visit Kingstown

St Vincent’s hot, tropical climate stays mostly the same for the entire year, with temperatures averaging 30°C. The driest months tend to be between February and April, with brief but heavy rain showers falling between June and November. This is also the island’s hurricane and tropical storm season, though St Vincent is rarely affected due to its southerly location. February and March are the two most popular months to visit Kingstown due to the warm, dry weather.

Did you know?

  • Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed on St Vincent’s Wallilabou Bay
  • St Vincent is home to wonderful wildlife: you can spot up to 11 species of dolphins off the coast, and the island has its own national bird – the multi-coloured St Vincent Parrot
  • The island’s landscape is otherworldly: from its 1,250m volcano to its black-sand beaches