Why choose a cruise to Nassau?

Nassau bursts with Caribbean charm and Bahamian splendour, and every visit to the capital brings something new. Once a haven for pirates, you can explore its notorious past of bootleggers and buccaneers in its colonial fortresses and ancient streets. Take to the seas yourself, and head out to swim with stingrays and dolphins, or see the colourful coral through glass-bottom boats. Nassau is home to Paradise Island, where you can visit famous luxury hotels and resorts, as well as having a go on all the rides at the largest waterpark in the Caribbean.

nassauA guide to Nassau’s hotspots

From its lively music and tantalising cuisine to its luxurious resorts and hands-on marine adventures, Nassau has plenty to see and do. As you walk around the charming town, you can take in Nassau’s British heritage and its colonial-style architecture. There are many historical sites to explore, to really understand the island’s past. To delve into its piratical history, head to the Pirates of Nassau museum, set on a replica pirate ship with interactive tricks.

As well as gorgeous white-sand beaches, bustling markets and bars serving delicious rum-based cocktails, Nassau has a hugely indulgent resort. Paradise Island is well worth a visit, just to see its flashy hotels, large casinos and private shark pool. The boat to Paradise Island leaves from Nassau Harbour, where you can also take trips to Blue Lagoon to swim with dolphins or the Coral World Marine Park. There are many excursions that will take you around the reef too, whether you want to snorkel, dive or watch from a glass-bottom boat.

paradise islandIf you want to step away from the tourist attractions, head down to Cable Beach. Just 5km from Nassau, this beautiful beach is a favourite with locals. You can soak up the sun on its golden sands and sip fresh cocktails. Plus, it’s a great place to do a spot of shopping and find some bargains.

Cruise lines that sail to the port of Nassau

The best time to visit Nassau

The months between May and October are the perfect time to visit Nassau. The weather is warm and sunny with cooler winds coming in. It’s not peak season either, so you can avoid the bigger, busier crowds. Temperatures range between 22°C and 32°C, with minimal rainfall. November to February is also a great time to visit, although it is peak season. The weather is much better, with temperatures between 17°C and 28°C though the crowds are much larger.

diving nassauDid you know?

  • Nassau has the largest open-air aquarium in the world
  • One of the Bahamas’ private islands – Pearl Island – is just 30 minutes by boat from Nassau, and is open to visitors
  • Every element of the Bahamian flag represents a part of island life: the yellow and blue stripes portray the beaches and oceans, and the black triangle represents unity and determination to develop the land and sea