Welcome to Jamaica – a country that plays to its own soundtrack. Start exploring and get your reggae on whilst you witness unbelievable views, beautiful colonial architecture and rich wildlife in the stunning port of Montego Bay!

We want your trip to be one to remember and in order to keep cruising as simple as possible, we’ve done all the hard work for you – here’s our guide to the best ways to spend your day in this destination!

1. Dunns River Falls and Park

The natural wonder Dunns River Falls and Park in jamaica

One of Jamaica’s national treasures and entirely unique, Dunns river is its own phenomenon. Able to continually regenerate itself from deposits of travertine rock as it flows over the falls, it’s hard to believe that after so many years of human climbing it wasn’t built for purpose. The entire structure is totally natural, each crevice and natural pool were all made by the flow of the waters current.

Spend your day climbing the falls in a human chain led by experienced Fall Guides. Hang out in one of many lagoons and pools along the way and experience the soothing effects of the natural water cascade – almost as good as premium neck, back and shoulder!

Dunns River Falls Park offers an ideal environment for a day full of fun and relaxation for everyone, no matter their age. Not a climber? Not to worry, just take in the beauty of nature and bask in the sun along the shores of the Caribbean sea to which the river flows. Souvenir hunt through the shops, admire the luscious tropical surroundings full of bamboo, orchids and ginger lilies or simply go to the on-sight cafeteria for some Caribbean delights.

A day out to renew your mind and body, this is a truly unforgettable excursion and a must for your Caribbean itinerary.

2. Rose Hall Great House and Gardens

Representation image of the gardens within Rose Hall Great House

Immerse yourself in the heritage of the island and explore this 18th century colonial ruin! Delight at its exquisite architecture and enjoy harrowing tales of the ‘White Witch of Rose Hall’ – Annie Palmer, the famed lady of the house. Taking only a 20 minute taxi ride from the port of Montego Bay, this is a must see and easily sought attraction to allocate some of your time.

Tours vary in experience by day and night. In the beautiful daylight the homes surrounding tropical gardens are enchanting to witness. Your expert guide will fill you in with the colourful history of this landmark, providing insights into life as a European bourgeoisie and of course the tale of Annie Palmer.

The evening tour offers something a little different and certainly gets your adrenalin pumping! Not for the faint hearted, Rose Hall transforms into an eerie haunted setting where you’ll experience spine chilling moments that bring you face to face with Annie herself!

You’ll witness the dramatic past of Rose Hall as you’re transported into the world of the white witch! See her roam the plantation constantly seeking the love and fortune that first lead her there. – Be warned, as legend has it no one who crossed her lived to tell the tale… Will you survive!?

3. Rafting on the Martha Brae

Rafting on the Martha Brae is one of the islands most popular attractions. Experience rich green vegetation, tranquil waters and if you’re lucky surrounding wildlife in its natural habitat! – Don’t worry the river isn’t home to anything scary!

You’ll be greeted by one of the 85 licensed and experienced raft captains and a thirty foot long bamboo raft, once seated you’ll be off on a wonderfully relaxing three mile journey along the river. Captains leave you to enjoy the exquisite scenery as you sail by whilst pointing out anything interesting that they spot along the way. With their lovely Jamaican charm and a whole host of knowledge, they’ll teach you about “The Legend of Martha Brae” and even stop for you to enjoy an exhilarating swim!

4. Scuba Diving and Snorkeling

Image of scuba divers in Jamaica

Jamaica is known for its diving and snorkelling sites, there’s no better feeling than seeing natural and unspoiled areas of seas, home to multiple marine species and coral beds as colourful as the countries core.

Jamaica has an abundance of diving companies waiting to show you beneath the shores, one of the most popular being Dressel Divers based right out of Montego Bay!

You’ll want to jump in again and again, with areas of these waters now being protected to help preserve and encourage the regeneration of its reefs and encourage new marine life, Montego Bay is home to some of the best dive sites in Jamaica! Windowmaker’s Cave attracts many divers its way, with an 80 foot swim down to the caves entrance you’ll see barracuda, black coral, parrot fish and much more before venturing upward through to a small chimney exit at around 30 foot deep. No dive will ever be the same so this is an experience to enjoy over and over.

5. Nine Mile and Bob Marley’s Museum

One of the most famous musicians to come out of Jamaica, Bob Marley’s legacy and way of life is still very much present in the hearts of this entire nation. His influence upon populations remains unparalleled even today, with his revolutionary music challenging racism and colonialism even in places where English isn’t widely spoken.

The tour of Nine Mile allows you to visit the place where Marley grew up, his birth through to his passing. Look around his home village, see his famous “rock pillow”, his room as it was left and many more photos and artifacts that detail his extraordinary life.

His mausoleum sits within the grounds of a beautiful Ethiopian style church reached through a series of scenic winding roads. A little further to travel from cruise ports but a must for any Bob Marley fan or those who wish to simply experience the Jamaican culture of today.

Jamaica is full of amazing sites, history and undeniable character. Whether you’re after something high in energy, rich in culture or ultimately relaxing, our Jamaican top picks have something for everyone!

Feel the vibe and find your own rhythm! Chomping at the bit to plan your next Jamaican experience? Well we’ve got some of the best deals ready and waiting to get you there!