We’ve rounded up all the top spots for the tastiest flavours and the most colourful cocktails – you aren’t stuck for choice in this sumptuous city!

The best restaurants in Montego Bay

Seagrape Terrace

There’s isn’t a more stunning venue for a romantic meal than at this seafront open-air restaurant.

The Seagrape Terrace is the perfect place for an enchanting ambiance accompanied by a delectable dining experience. Add attentive staff, stunning views and even occasional live music – and it’s clear you’re onto a winner.

The food is as tasty as the views are heavenly, and you’ve got the choice of delving into the buffet or ordering off the main menu. You can choose to try out Jamaican favourites or opt for something closer to your usual palate – no matter what you go for, it’s a serene scene to be tucking into such tempting cuisine as the sound of waves gently crashing in the background tickles your ears.

If you have any room left for dessert, we’ve heard the salted caramel ice cream is particularly wonderful!

Pork Pit

If you’re looking for a cheap eat boasting bags of flavour, then look no further than the Pork Pit!

You’ll find those authentic Jamaican flavours that the island is so famous for, all sizzled in to the juiciest pork you can possibly imagine. Team it up with freshly grilled corn doused in butter, and you’re in Jamaican foodie heaven.

There’s plenty more than just pork on the menu of course, but that’s what the establishment is so famous for. There’s plenty of other meats cooked to perfection, along with an array of tasty sides to match too.

You’ll be tanalised by the beautiful smoky aromas and you’ll even find yourself surrounded by the locals – the Pork Pit’s a real hit with everyone, not just tourists.

Pier 1

If you’re a lover of seafood, then you just have to visit Pier 1. From coconut shrimp to crispy calamari, this will be some of the freshest and most flavoursome food you’ll have throughout your whole trip.

Of course, there’s still plenty of other options on the menu, so don’t think it’s seafood or no food! They serve up a top-notch steak as well as delicious pizza and pasta options, too.

Whilst eating, you’ll be treat to brilliant views overlooking the harbour – and better yet, if you’re lucky enough to be doing a cruise and stay, this restaurant turns into a funky nightclub on an evening! So tuck in by day – and party by night!


When it comes to Jamaican cuisine, the island is known for one thing, and one thing alone: its jerk chicken. And for a recipe so authentic and utterly mouthwatering, you simply have to visit Scotchies.

The name’s a bit of  a giveaway – you can certainly crank up the spice-level at this eatery if your taste buds allow it! This place is known for its hot sauce, so get drizzling if you think you can handle it! For those who prefer their mouths to be less like a flamethrower, there’s plenty of mild options that are no less tasty.

The atmosphere here matches the standard of the food, serving up classic Caribbean vibes that make it the perfect spot to grab a bite to eat before washing it all down with a refreshing cold beer. For fast, friendly service and some of the most delicious, authentic recipes around,  a trip to Scotchies is a no-brainer.

The best bars in Montego Bay

Pier 1

That’s right, it made it onto both lists! This restaurant and bar is the perfect spot to sit back and relax, whether you’re grabbing a bite to eat or drinking your body weight in cocktails packed with delicious Jamaican rum.

With stunning views overlooking the harbour, you can’t help but sit back and soak up the chilled-out atmosphere around you. Fast forward to later on in the evening however, and if you’ve got an overnight in this port – or you’ve wisely opted for a Cruise & Stay – you’ll be treat to a bar of pulsating Jamaican rhythms packed out with those ready to drink and dance.

This lively spot is definitely one to experience!

Sky Beach Bar & Restaurant

Cocktails right by the sea – now it doesn’t come much more Caribbean than that! Whether you’re sipping on a marvelous mojito or a dreamy daiquiri, you’ll be more than content in a little thatched hut by the waterfront.

This charming and romantic setting couldn’t be more perfect if you’re cruising as a couple, and if you visit on an afternoon, each hut is lit up by antique-looking lanterns, making a really intimate and cosy space.

This rustic outdoor ambiance is just what you need after a long day of exploring – or a tiring day relaxing!

Martina’s Juice bar

This local bar is all about refreshing fruity fun! Their famous fruit punch is the perfect way to cool down after a hot day in the sun, and they even have a kiddies’ play area so that any children in your party can burn off the rest of their energy as you sit back and relax.

The bar is surrounded by lush greenery, making a nice change from the beach if you’ve spent most of your day there. There’s even a pool table and games of dominoes at the ready too!

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