Why choose a cruise to Pointe a Pitre?

Pointe a Pitre is a tourist haven, with people flocking to experience the beauty of Butterfly Island, as Guadeloupe is often called, thanks to its shape, created by two separate islands being joined by bridges. A smattering of smaller islands completes the unique archipelago that draws people in thanks to varying microclimates, amazing beaches and staggering landscapes.

Activities and attractions are varied, with museums, shops, restaurants and even a spice market all being housed in amongst glorious architecture that will provide perfect backdrops for photos. This really is a diverse cultural hub.

pointe a pitreA guide to Pointe a Pitre’s hotspots

If nothing else, shopping for plaid will be a priority, as it is EVERYWHERE in Ponte a Pitre, being used for doll clothing, hats and even household goods. To embrace a little Guadeloupe Creole tradition, Dody is a must-visit shop well stocked with beautiful dresses and right next door, there are matching shoes for sale.

Beach fans won’t be disappointed in Pointe a Pitre, as there are numerous excellent stretches of sand to enjoy. One of the most popular is Creole Beach, as it is less crowded than some but still has all the amenities for a fantastic day, including toilets and a restaurant. Snorkelling fans love a swim here, as the water is crystal clear. Bas-du-Fort is another great beach option and is rarely very crowded, which could be perfect for families or those just wanting a more peaceful sunbathing session.

Pointe a Pitre is a melting pot of different cuisines, with Creole, Cajun and French influences all easy to identify. Even Lebanese dishes are easy to source as well, which means that no matter how picky eaters are, they will be satisfied. Chez Margaux is very close to the centre of town and comes highly recommended, thanks to the incredibly diverse menu and enjoyable atmosphere. The hospitality is second to none and represents what Guadeloupe is all about.

pointe a pitreCruise lines that sail to the port of Pointe a Pitre

The best time to visit Pointe a Pitre

With pleasant weather all year round, Pointe a Pitre is a joy to visit at any time, but most holidaymakers prefer to stick to the tourist season, which runs from mid-December to mid-April. Temperatures stay pretty steady, around the 27°C mark, and there is much less chance of rain.

The wettest months are June to October and Pointe a Pitre is within a hurricane zone, so caution is advised if not travelling in tourist season.

Did you know?

  • Legend has it that Pointe a Pitre was named after a Dutch Jewish fisherman called Pieter who settled on Guadeloupe in the 17thcentury
  • The main exports of Pointe a Pitre are food items, including fruit and coffee