Why choose a cruise to St George’s?

According to travel experts, St George’s is the prettiest Caribbean capital. It’s clustered around the turquoise waters of a stunning harbour, surrounded by a forested caldera. You’ll find streets of pretty pastel mansions next to brightly painted houses, and colourful local markets.

Despite its laid-back atmosphere, there’s so much to see and do on a St George’s cruise. From shopping for spices to tasting local delicacies, visiting speciality museums and historic estates, there’s never a dull moment. The best beaches on the island are located only a few miles south of the city – most of the island’s top attractions aren’t more than a 15-minute drive away.

st georges grenadaA guide to St George’s hotspots

Wander the scenic waterfront of the Carenage, St George’s harbour. You can watch the boats gliding across the turquoise water and people relaxing on their yachts. There are plenty of shops and restaurants here, many serving delicious Grenadian food amid spectacular views.

Chocoholics must make a beeline for the unique House of Chocolate. This mini-museum tells you all about the process and history of making chocolate. You can have a go at grinding your own cocoa from toasted nibs, and the best part is sitting on cookie-shaped stools at the chocolateria, tucking into handmade chocolate desserts.

Just north of St George’s, in Molinière Bay, is a unique underwater sculpture park. Lifesize sculptures are submerged in the sea, becoming slowly encrusted with coral. Colourful fish swim around the figures. The park can be reached on scuba diving and snorkelling excursions from St George’s.

st georgesA St George’s cruise wouldn’t be complete without an afternoon sunbathing on one of Grenada’s beaches. The island’s most popular beach, Grand Anse, is only a couple of miles away. It’s a mesmerising two-mile crescent of coconut-white sand. A little further down the coast is the quieter Pink Gin Beach, named after its soft, pink-tinted sand.

Cruise lines that sail to the port of St George’s

The best time to visit St George’s

Head to St George’s during the dry months of January to April, when the temperature averages a blazing 27°C – perfect for relaxing on the beach.

If you visit St George’s during August, the temperature is much the same, but with tropical rainfall in the afternoons. Colour is provided in the form of the annual Spicemas Carnival, with its calypso contests, steel pan orchestras and parades.

Did you know?

· Visit St George’s in June for the Grenada Chocolate Festival, a chocolate-centred celebration across the island

· The air really is infused with the smell of mace, cloves and cinnamon on ‘the spice island’ of Grenada

· The harbour is called Carenage because it’s where boats were careened (beached for cleaning and repairs)