Why choose a cruise to Roseau?

While Dominica might be less well known than other popular Caribbean destinations, it more than makes up for it in terms of beauty, experiences and cuisine.

Known as The Nature Island, this secret haven offers total mind and body rejuvenation through a series of outdoor activities, including hiking and diving, as well as lazy spa and beach days. Even eating is a multi-sensory experience in Dominica, with locally sourced seafood and crops used to create gourmet greatness, all served in front of the most stunning vistas. The levels of hospitality are phenomenal.

sunset dominicaA guide to Roseau’s hotspots

No trip to Roseau would be complete without a visit to the Middleham Falls, the highest waterfall on the island. A robust hike is needed to get to the staggering natural wonder, but once there, you can swim in the cool waters below and take advantage of picturesque photo opportunities. For a still active but slightly gentler exploration trip, the Papillote Tropical Gardens are just the ticket, with luscious vegetation to admire, before stopping for lunch in the restaurant.

Champagne Beach is something a little different in that the volvanic waters are bubbly, hence the charming name. Great for lazy sunbathing days and fun snorkelling expeditions alike, this stretch of beach is very popular with holidaymakers that fancy slowing down a little. Mero Beach is worth considering, as the black sand is relaxing to lounge on, while a host of beach bars are ready to serve tempting lunches at the drop of a hat.

For a taste of authentic Dominica, the consensus is that Pearl’s Cuisine Restaurant is the place to visit, so much so in fact that it’s advisable to avoid turning up at midday, as local workers flock to this spot. Every meal is prepared from scratch using local ingredients and Ms Pearl herself adds to the atmosphere of the restaurant with her friendly demeanour.

dominicaCruise lines that sail to the port of Roseau

The best time to visit Roseau

It’s said that once the rainy season has ended and the flora and fauna are well nourished is the best time to visit Roseau, which means from February to May. It gets hot and humid in May, reaching temperatures in the region of 30°C.

The rainy season runs from June to November and hurricanes are possible, too, although the heat will never really diminish. As the locals say, Dominica is divine, come rain or shine.

Did you know?

  • There are plenty of geothermal hot springs to enjoy
  • The official language is English
  • Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest was filmed on location here