Why choose a cruise to Kralendijk?

Kralendiijk is a calm, tranquil city surrounded by clear-blue waters and rich countryside. It’s a haven for laid-back explorers and conservation enthusiasts, as well as the perfect place to go for total peace and quiet. You can go horse-riding through the deserts and witness the incredible lagoons, or stop by the sanctuary to meet more than 400 formerly stray donkeys. You can even volunteer to restore coral on the reef. Bonaire is a dream destination: think turquoise seas, rich sunsets, striking architecture and contrasting landscapes. You can easily explore the island – and even get hands-on with its conservation projects.

KralendijkA guide to Kralendijk’s hotspots

From shopping and dining to horse-riding and snorkelling, Kralendijk and Bonaire have plenty on offer. Downtown Kralendijk’s colourful houses and charming buildings have lots of great restaurants for you to try out, as well as handy gift shops. From the city, you can hop onboard a self-drive electric vehicle and explore the entire island: you’ll see everything from famous diving spots to abandoned slave houses. One-fifth of Bonaire is a protected nature sanctuary: you can hike, snorkel, dive and bird-watch in the reserve. You’ll find secluded beaches and caves, and get the chance to see iguanas and pink flamingos. A few ranches offer horse-riding treks – some even let you swim in a lagoon with your mount.

Water sports are big on Bonaire, so book yourself in for a windsurfing lesson. You can practice on your own or with an instructor, on waters that are shallow and warm. Snorkelling and diving is a must on the island – even if you’ve never done it before. You’ll see gorgeous colours and tropical fish, and you can even watch and help the team at the Coral Restoration Project.

Last but not least, pay a visit to Bonaire’s most famous residents: its donkeys. The Donkey Sanctuary Bonaire looks after more than 400 stray donkeys – all of which you can meet. You can either drive carefully through the sanctuary or get out and walk with the animals.

donkey bonaireCruise lines that sail to the port of Kralendijk

The best time to visit Kralendijk

Kralendijk’s weather varies very little throughout the year. The hottest and most humid months are May to October, where you can expect temperatures to reach 25°C at night and 31°C during the day. The rainiest period is between October and December, but even then, rainfall is minimal. Hurricane season lasts from June to November, although they aren’t common. The best time to visit is from mid-February to May, when the weather is warm but not too humid.

turtle bonaireDid you know?

  • Conservation is key on the island: pink flamingos, donkeys and sea turtles thrive in sanctuaries run by residents
  • Bonaire’s marine life is flourishing, and the island has high standards: it protected sea turtles back in 1961, banned spear fishing in 1971, made it illegal to remove live coral in 1975 and established the first marine park in 1979
  • Bonaire is one of the world’s best diving spots