Food and drink may not be your first thought when thinking about cruising around Tenerife. You’re probably more drawn to its crystal clear waters and volcanic landscape. However trying out some authentic dishes is still one of the best ways to explore a new location and Tenerife’s produce is as varied as its terrain!

Things to try in Tenerife

Papas arrugadas con mojos

This potato dish is probably the most famous to come out of the Canary Islands. Small local potatoes are boiled in salt water until they are tender and skin wrinkled.  It used to be customary to boil in actual sea water! However now it is more common to simply use local tap water with a very generous amount of salt added.

Usually accompanied by a delicious sauce named Mojos, which is primarily green or red in colour. The green being a garlic and herb while the red is usually flavoured with paprika for a spicy alternative.

Papas arrugadas - local delicacy


Fish is a big part of diets in Tenerife with the island being surrounded by so much water. Cherne is a large deep-water white fish, otherwise known as a wreckfish. Often served grilled, this delicious fish is mildly flavoured and sufficiently meaty – perfect for everyone!

Even if you think sea food isn’t exactly your “thing”, Cherne is delicious and a must when your on the isle of Tenerife!

Croquetas caseras

You’ve most likely encountered croquet’s at some point in your life already. These are usually filled with potatoes and served as part of a full breakfast. However Tenerife’s Croquetas are slightly different! These crispy breadcrumbed coated balls house just about anything but most popular is a ham, fish and potato mix.

Croquetas caseras have a better balance of ingredients compared to your usual potato croquet’s, so you can enjoy each hint of flavour be it a succulent chicken and spinach mix to a fish medley.

Croquetas caseras, local delicacy

Churros de pescado

Tenerife, being one of the most popular Canary Islands has a lot of british influence from its constant UK holidaymakers. So for example, finding a decent place for fish and chips wouldn’t take you too much time or effort.

However if you want to avoid the overly tourist locations, look for a traditional restaurant that serves Churros de pescado – which when translated is basically fish goujons in batter.

In some locations the batter is infused with herbs providing an influx of even more delicious flavour and a bit of extra oomph! These little bites are perfect for eating in the style of tapas and are often served with a gorgeous alioli dip.

So even if you’re only a lover of your home comforts, you can happily indulge in this local delicacy and boast to everyone that you’ve delved into an authentic fare.

Where to eat in Tenerife

El Aguarde

This charming find is located in a residential district of Santa Cruz, the menu itself is only available in Spanish but the friendly waiters are very happy to translate to anyone who is not native.

On your first visit to this elegant little eatery, allow the maître de maison to choose your food for you, they’ll take time to find out exactly what you like and don’t like. Then bring you the best products on their menu for your optimum enjoyment.

El Aguarde Restaurant - Tenerife
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Example selections include starters of indulgent cheese parcel pastries and squid with a garlic mayonnaise. Succulent pork ribs, steaks, duck, lamb and the most delicious fish for your main courses, while desserts; if you can still fit one in, are truly sumptuous! Chocolate soup with coconut ice cream or opt for fresh toast with vanilla. Each dessert enticing melt in your mouth flavours for a perfect end to a perfect meal.

El Aguarde Restaurant - Chocolate dessert
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Prices for food and drink here in El Aguarde, Tenerife are very reasonable! A three course meal plus wine for two persons will only set you back around €80.


One of the top rated restaurants in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Guannabi is a Spanish delight with a stunning aesthetic and food to match.

This traditional one-storey stone cottage is stylishly converted into this dreamy location. It’s deliciously authentic Mediterranean food is to die for. Staff are attentive and so enthusiastic about their lovely menu. You’ll get all the more excited about your coming indulgement each moment you spend discussing it!

Enjoy anchovies, Guannabi salad, Beef carpaccio and cold Spanish tomato soup to start. Then follow with a selection of delicious pastas and risottos, fresh fish dishes or meats. Especially the beef skillet and roasted Spanish black pork which are simply sublime.

Guannabi Restaurant, Tenerife
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Restaurante Arepera El Jable

If you’re looking for a quick place to grab lunch or even a nice little cheap eat whilst in Tenerife, Restaurante Arepera El Jable offers the most amazing Arepas and Cachapas!

If you haven’t heard of them, these Venezuela delicacies were brought back by the returning Canarians. They’re a sort of fried crispy maize pancake and usually filled with tuna or chicken and served with salads.

arepas and Cachapas - Venezuela delicacy

This well priced Tenerife restaurant has a beautiful outside patio for you to stop and dine. You can sit under amazing avocado trees on cute wooden furniture whilst admitting its gardens and very pretty surrounding scenery!

Where to drink in Tenerife

Las Salinas Chiringuito

The perfect way to spend a sunny afternoon, Las Salinas Chiringuito is positioned right on the beach and serves up the yummiest mojitos!

Original and strawberry mojitos
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Enjoy live music, friendly service and a chilled out vibe. If you’re around later in the evening, Las Salinas is one of the best spots on the island to watch the sun go down. The bars beach side entertainment really sets the mood and its list of signature cocktails are worth sticking around for!

Las Salinas Beach Bar, Tenerife
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The Green Corner

Recently refurbished for anyone who may have attended pre 2018, this lovely venue is most known for its good music, friendly service and live entertainment!

Staff instantly make you feel welcome. You’ll be returning home feeling like you’ve made lifelong friends with owners Paul and Ronnie and the delightful bartender Christian.  Open throughout the day, they have a fantastic selection of cocktails. Then if you find yourself getting slightly peckish, they do a yummy selection of food too!

Most of The Green Corners seating is outdoors, which is ideal for making the most of Tenerife’s warm evenings. Although if you do find yourself getting a little chilly, owners will quickly source you a blanket! There’s nothing like a bit of extra attention to detail and The Green Corner certainly put in that extra mile for all you holidaymakers.

Cocktails on bar terrace

Worked up an apatite?

Set sail to the beautiful Canary Islands and try these delicious delicacy’s and friendly establishments for yourself! All close to the cruise terminal in Santa Cruz de Tenerife, they’re super easy to find and you can trust us when we say these come highly recommended.

So don’t waste any time considering where’s best to eat and drink with your time in port, use our guide and keep things simple!

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