Why choose a cruise to Santa Cruz de La Palma?

Surrounded by the cobalt waters of the Atlantic and flanked by forested hills, Santa Cruz de La Palma is a picturesque city you’ll love exploring. Quaint cobbled streets are lined with houses painted every shade imaginable, from turquoise to ochre, and decorated with ornate wooden balconies.

As you saunter past market stalls piled high with tropical fruits, and men hand-rolling cigars, it may occur to you that Santa Cruz de La Palma has a decidedly Caribbean feel. This is because it was once Spain’s most important port, with frequent voyages to and from the New World.

santa cruz de la palmaA guide to Santa Cruz de La Palma’s hotspots

Explore the city’s stunning historic district, beginning with a walk down the pedestrianised Calle Real, one of the town’s oldest streets. It’s lined with brightly coloured houses, local shops and cafés. It leads down to Plaza de España, a square surrounded by stunning buildings that functions as the cultural centre of the city.

Children will love the Maroparque zoo. It’s an exotic animal rescue centre, located on the slopes of a ravine on the outskirts of the city. Follow a narrow wooden walkway through verdant surroundings, where you’ll catch sight of exotic birds and reptiles, as well as albino kangaroos.

History buffs will enjoy a trip to the Naval Museum, where you can learn about Santa Cruz de La Palma’s fascinating history of trade and exchange with the Americas. Forget dusty exhibition rooms – this museum is fun and interactive, and its housed inside a traditional wooden ship, a replica of the Santa Maria in which Columbus sailed to the New World in 1492.

The highlight of Santa Cruz de La Palma is a trip to the Mirador de La Concepción. This observation deck is perched on the high rim of a volcanic caldera, dotted with pine and laurel trees. Because of its high elevation, it offers stunning views of the ocean, mountains and city.

santa cruz de la palmaCruise lines that sail to the port of Santa Cruz de La Palma

The best time to visit Santa Cruz de La Palma

In July and August, the temperature averages a delightful 24°C, which is perfect weather for relaxing on one of the island’s stunning black-sand beaches.

Santa Cruz de La Palma experiences year-round sunshine. Enjoy a sun-kissed Christmas holiday – in December, the temperature ranges between 19°C–22°C.

Did you know?

· Manolo Blahnik was one of the city’s most famous inhabitants. His world-famous shoes are still sold here

· A favourite local drink is the barraquito – coffee served with condensed milk, cinnamon, lemon peel and local liqueur

· La Palma is a stargazing paradise, and houses one of the largest observatories in the world