La Gomera is an island apart. Steep cliffs rise from the sparkling waters of the Atlantic Ocean. The rugged coastline is dotted with bays of black volcanic sand, fringed with cacti and palm trees. Inland you’ll discover mountains carpeted in forest, the tree canopy punctuated by jagged mountains. The island is criss-crossed with hiking and biking trails, so you can really immerse yourself in nature.

Many people take a La Gomera cruise for the nature aspect, but the island has some fantastic towns to be explored, too. Explore the island’s capital, San Sebastian. Drive down winding mountain roads to villages of whitewashed houses nestled into jagged mountains where you can learn more about local life and culture.

La Gomera green mountain

Popular Ports in La Gomera

San Sebastian

There’s only one port in La Gomera. It’s located in the island’s capital of San Sebastian, a town of brightly coloured buildings freckling the hillside around a picturesque harbour. Enjoy relaxing in a local café in one of the palm-tree fringed squares, or exploring the ocean-facing botanic garden.

San Sebastian moves at a far slower pace than the resort towns in nearby Tenerife and Lanzarote, so you really can kick back and take time to unwind. However, there are no shortage of fascinating cultural and historical attractions in the town. San Sebastian is famed for being the place where Christopher Columbus stayed on his way to the New World. Visit the Casa de Colón, a boutique museum about Christopher Columbus.

Foodies will love making a visit to the Mercado Municipal. This bustling market is a fantastic place to pick up unique regional delicacies, such as almogrote, a soft cheese spread flavoured with chilli and tomato. Those with a sweet tooth will love miel de palma, a syrup made from palm-tree sap that is delicious drizzled over pancakes and ice cream.

La Gomera village San Sebastien

What are the best cruise ships for a La Gomera cruise?

After a day spent exploring the island, you’ll want to unwind in luxurious surroundings. Here are two ships where you can really pamper yourself after a day of sightseeing and walking.

Marella Dream

You’ll be taken aback by the intimate, relaxing surroundings of the Marella Dream, a ship which perfectly balances affordability and luxury. Offering a choice of swimming pools as well as a sun deck, there’s plenty of space to soak up the sunshine. You’ll love pampering yourself in the spa while children enjoy themselves in the activity-packed kid’s club.

When it comes to restaurants you’ll be spoilt for choice, tucking into everything from sushi to steaks grilled on hot stones. The ship has a varied nightlife, too. You can enjoy a piano concert in the chilled Tides Lounge, or drink and dance in the ship’s night club, The Water’s Edge. You’re guaranteed to enjoy yourself on the Marella Dream.


Aurora is a sleek ship in the P&O fleet which will take you to La Gomera in style. You’ll love the pools and state-of-the-art spa, which offers a range of treatments including massage and hydrotherapy. Keep fit with a morning walk on the teak promenade deck, or even practicing your swing in the golf nets.

Children will be kept busy at the kid’s club – there’s even a night nursery so you can enjoy yourself a drink in one of the bars. Enjoy cuisine from around the world in Aurora’s stylish restaurants, tucking into fresh seafood and tasty Indian cuisine.

Shore Excursion Ideas

Taking a shore excursion is a great way to get to know La Gomera. Here are a few of excursions that will really allow you to discover this captivating island.

Garajonay National Park hike

Discover La Gomera’s wild side with a walk through the verdant Garajonay National Park. It’s plunging gorges and ancient woodland flora have been given a UNESCO designation. You’ll explore it on a guided walk that starts with an ascent to Garajonay Rock, where you’ll have the best panoramic views on the island – on a clear day you can see Tenerife on the horizon. You’ll continue on through the forest, passing ancient trees, blackberry bushes and spiky cacti.

La Gomera Garonjay

In the footsteps of Columbus

Learn about the fascinating life of Christopher Columbus, before he sailed the ocean blue. You’ll begin in San Sebastian with a trip to Casa de Colón, the house where Columbus lived as he prepared for his voyage. You’ll also see El Pozo de Aguada, where Columbus collected water before setting sail, alongside several other attractions in the capital. After that you’ll discover why Columbus was so attracted to La Gomera as you drive up to Mirador El Rejo, a lookout point with an undulating landscape of hills and valleys below it.

Visit Traditional Villages

Take a trip along winding mountain roads to three of La Gomera’s unspoilt villages. Visit charming Chipude, which lies in the foothills of a surreal rock formation. After this you’ll travel to nearby El Cercado, famed for its rustic terracotta pottery. Finally, stop in picturesque Arure, where you can catch a demonstration of Silbo, the local whistling language. Treat yourself to a glass of Mistela, a sweet grape liqueur.

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