Your visit to Gran Canaria will be memorable for more reasons than one, but the beaches here are certainly high up on the list. With plenty of choice in the heart of the city, you won’t have to wander far to find yourself laying on a sumptuous stretch of sand. Discover the best Las Palmas beaches below – you’ll be spoilt for choice!

Las Canteras Beach

Say hello to one of the longest city beaches in the world. Las Canteras beach is the jewel of the capital at a whopping 3.5km long, running down one side of the city and often being treat as several separate beaches.

It lies directly opposite Las Palmas port, just a short walk away on the other side of town. You can disembark your ship and be there in a heartbeat!

Playa Grande

The northern end is known as Playa Grande (Big Beach to the locals) and has beautiful calm waters that are perfect for taking a dip. It’s fringed with coconut palm trees, and the sand here is some of the nicest you’ll find amongst any of the Canary Islands – which is often known for being volcanic and black.

Playa Chica

Head a bit further down the beach and you’ll reach the section known as Playa Chica, which feels much more intimate without any sunbeds and parasols. There’s plenty of restaurants and bars overlooking the sand though, making it the perfect place sit back and enjoy the view, especially as this part gets the sun all day long.

Peña de la Vieja

South of Playa Chica is Peña de la Vieja, which is named after a rock that sticks up half way to the reef. This area is a little more rustic than the northern end of Las Canteras beach – you’ll spot a few fishing boats parked up on the sand. It’s also a fantastic spot for snorkeling, thanks to it’s mini reef full of colourful fish.

La Cicer

And last but not least is the southernmost section of the beach, otherwise known as La Cicer. If you’re more into activities than laying on the sand all day, then this is the beach for you. The best place to take surfing lessons in all of Gran Canaria, La Cicer boasts professional surf schools and wonderful waves that are perfect for hopping on a board. You’ll also spot the locals playing beach tennis and football at low tide, so feel free to join in!

Being right on the edge of the city centre means you’re only a stone’s throw away from rustic restaurants, beachfront bars and even live entertainment – no matter which section of the beach you head to. There’s plenty of shops to find the perfect souvenir too!

El Confital Beach

A much rockier beach than Las Canteras which sits next door, El Confital is made up of mostly pebbles and smooth rocks, but you can still find areas of yellow sand during the summer season.

You won’t find any bars or restaurants surrounding this beach – it’s more of a natural paradise, unspoilt and lunar-looking in many ways. There’s still toilet facilities available in the summer however.

You’ll find this beach gets more sun than Las Canteras and is without a doubt the best spot in the city for spectacular sunset views. It’s the perfect beach for taking a stroll and finding a rock to perch on as you gaze at your surreal surroundings.

Alcaravaneras Beach

You’ll spot Alcaravaneras Beach before you’ve even left your ship – it’s tucked away in the heart of the port! Lying directly adjacent to the port itself, this beach is perfectly located for hopping off your ship and strolling straight onto soft sands. Plus, you’ll find its quieter than nearby Las Canteras beach.

There’s fantastic facilities here too – go sailing or kayaking on the cool, calm waters, or start a game of volleyball if you’re feeling competitive! Of course, you can always just lie back on these sweeping golden sands and sunbathe for a few hours – it’s not like you can miss your ship! It’s location on the edge of the city means there’s an abundance of bustling bars and restaurants nearby, making for a vibrant atmosphere and the aromas of delicious cuisine.

Ready to bask on the beach?

There’s certainly no shortage of choice when it comes to brilliant beaches in Gran Canaria’s capital, Las Palmas. Find your next sailing to this picturesque port here, or simply give us a quick call on 0800 107 2323 – our friendly team of cruise experts are on hand seven days a week to find you your perfect sailing!