For cruisers boarding from other countries, Southampton is often their gateway for touring the British Isles. Similarly, if you’re on a cruise in which you’ve flown out to meet your ship overseas, you may well experience Southampton either as the final stop on your itinerary or a stop on the way.

A Southampton cruise offers plenty, thanks to it being the port where many of your favourite cruise lines launch voyages to every part of the globe.

Why choose a cruise to Southampton?

Just because you’re cruising the world, it doesn’t mean Southampton should be overlooked simply for being closer to home. In fact, this bustling port town is perfectly positioned to help you connect to many of the UK’s most charming places.

Southampton’s seafaring heritage goes back far beyond cruising, and you can get stuck into its role in helping Britannia rule the waves back in the day. If you’re so inclined, you can also take a train trip to London in just 90 minutes and explore the capital.

Titanic Memorial Southampton

A guide to Southampton’s hotspots

Take the time to step onshore, and you’ll find that Southampton has much to offer. You can sample historic exhibits like an interactive scale model of HMS Titanic. There’s plenty more seafaring adventure to discover in the SeaCity Museum, which has lots of other interactive exhibits to try, too. There’s also the history of aviation to get stuck into here, with Spitfires and more to see at the Solent Sky Museum.

For a taste of England’s green and pleasant hills, you can get out of Southampton proper to the nearby New Forest National Park. Meanwhile, you can experience the best of both worlds at the Tudor House and Garden, which has exhibits going back 800 years. There are beautifully tended gardens, wonderful medieval architecture and even a penny-farthing bike.

New Forest Pony

Cruise lines that sail to the port of Southampton

Southampton is one of the centres of the cruise industry. As such, you can expect that all of your favourite cruise lines make a stop here, or often begin the voyages here that will sweep you to the finest points of the globe. Watch out for ships from any of the following cruise lines:

– Marella Cruises

– P&O Cruises

– Royal Caribbean

– Celebrity Cruises

The best time to visit Southampton

Southampton bustles with port activity throughout the year, but as any UK resident will tell you, the weather is certainly fairer some months more than others.

With light sea breezes all year round, Southampton enjoys summers than don’t get too heavy and humid. Given that’s also the peak of high season, Southampton sees a lot of visitors between late May and the very beginnings of September.

Southampton may be the beginning and end of many a cruise adventure, but it’s also a destination well worth seeing in its own right.