Why choose a cruise to St Petersburg?

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Cruises that touch the northernmost parts of the world often visit some of the forgotten cultural gems that mainstream holidays seldom touch. St Petersburg is one of those cities that simply has to be experienced on any Baltic cruise.

On a St Petersburg cruise, you can expect plenty of surprises. The city is criss-crossed with grand bridges over whispering canals, while The Hermitage is home to some of the world’s definitive pieces of art. Stepping onshore here promises plenty of inspiration.

A guide to St Petersburg’s hotspots

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Architecture in St Petersburg is quite unlike anything you might expect. It’s not just the Baroque style, which you’ve likely seen before in your travels, but simply the sheer amount of it. Even the metro train stations of St Petersburg shine with an almost palatial style, and if palaces are your shore excursion jam, this is one city sure to appease you. The Winter Palace in Palace Square is breathtaking and photogenic, and the spiritual heart of the city beats proudly at St Isaac’s Cathedral.

As far as culture is concerned, St Petersburg is a beacon of the Baltic. The finest ballet performances in the world light up the stage of the Conservatoire Theatre, and The Hermitage is home to an incredible three million works of art. That includes works by da Vinci, Rembrandt, El Greco and more.

However, St Petersburg also has some dazzling nightlife to get stuck into. The Nevsky Prospect is the place to go for the best vodka in town, and if you visit in the daytime instead you’ll find fashion houses aplenty to explore.

Cruise lines that sail to St Petersburg

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All of your favourite cruise lines are ready to share their love of St Petersburg with you. The city’s position on the globe is ideal for cruises throughout the Baltic Sea, making St Petersburg a popular destination for cruise lines that include:

Marella Cruises

Celebrity Cruises

Royal Caribbean

P&O Cruises

The best time to visit St Petersburg

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St Petersburg is one of the northernmost cities in the world, and as such, visitors in winter are advised to bundle up for cruising shore excursions accordingly.

However, summers are mild, and prove remarkably popular as a result. You’ll be comfy in a light sweater, but in terms of sunshine hours, it’s almost impossible to beat. That’s because of the White Nights of St Petersburg – nighttime periods where even at midnight things don’t get darker than a peaceful dusk thanks to the city’s far-north location. The White Nights are at their best and brightest between May and late July – as you can imagine, it makes the nightlife here quite unlike anywhere else.

St Petersburg is a part of Russia that has to be experienced. The right cruise can ensure that you see the best and brightest the city can offer, promising inspiration and beauty you’ll remember forever.