Bordered by the Baltic coastline, the Curonian Spit is a Unesco World Heritage Site and has beautiful beaches to offer new and returning visitors, while the cities are bustling with activity.

There are historic and archaeological sites to feast your eyes on, with the stunning Vilnius believed to be Europe’s biggest old baroque town. Behold rolling hills, white-sand beaches, pristine lakes and rich forests of the Lithuanian countryside.

beach lithuaniaPopular Ports in Lithuania Country

Port of Klaipeda

When you reach Lithuania, the cruise ship will dock in the only Lithuanian port, Klaipeda. It’s been in use since the middle of the 13thcentury, with the historic centre dating to when the city used to be known as Memel. Built in the classic style of German medieval towns, it includes a square with a majestic clock tower.

You’ll find the town is split into two parts – on the right of the River Dane is the new town; on the left bank is the old town.

The latter is constructed in the typical chessboard arrangement of the 17th-century German towns, featuring beautiful trellised buildings. Many moons ago, they were used as warehouses but now host art galleries, cafes and clubs.

You’ll also discover an array of sculptures around the town, including the Four Winds in the port, at the entrance of the terminal where your cruise ship is berthed.

lithuaniaWhat Are the Best Cruise Ships for a Cruise to Lithuania?

As soon as your cruise ship berths at Klaipeda, on Lithuania’s Curonian coast, you’ll probably feel as though you’ve arrived in a different world.

Marella Explorer

With 10 restaurants and 10 bars, Marella Explorer boasts ramped-up entertainment and even a Champneys spa, with fleet favourites like Snack Shack and Kora La as well as brand-new spaces such as The Dining Club. Its swanky bar, club and casino, Indigo, features a touch-screen DJ system called The Emulator which lets guests see how the DJ is mixing and playing sets. The 1,924-passenger Explorer also features an indoor cinema, a Sports & Family Deck where you can sign up for everything from slimming treatments to body wraps and facials.

Shore Excursion Ideas

Several spots in the country are Unesco World Heritage Sites and wherever you decide to go, you’ll unearth winding streets, fascinating local markets, and extraordinary red-brick architecture.

The Golden Dunes of Nida

Known as one of the most amazing natural places on Earth, the 98-kilometre-long Curonian Spit is a sand peninsula that divides the Curonian Lagoon from the Baltic Sea. It’s often coined the ‘pearl of the Baltic Sea’ and is a Unesco World Heritage Site.

On this incredible tour, you’ll witness unusual wildlife and plants in a remarkable landscape of Sahara-like sand dunes, pine woodlands, pristine sea and quaint fishing villages. On the tour, you’ll see Thomas Mann Memorial Museum in Nida and end up back in Klaipeda where you’ll enjoy countless attractions like the beautifully renovated Old Town full of fascinating statues, architecture and history.

nidaA Guided Tour of Old Town Klaipeda

Featuring pretty streets, enchanting buildings and unusual sculptures, Klaipeda is the oldest city in Lithuania.

The guided tour will start at the cruise ship terminal where you’ll see the yachts and small boats marina. Discover Klaipeda’s castle history, then in the Theatre Square, you’ll meet a famous sculpture of Ann from Tharaw and drama theatre. Learn more about the Old Town, including its architecture and history, not to mention the sculptures that became the town’s attraction for numerous years.

Check out some of Klaipeda’s most famous statues, like Rooftop Chimney Sweeper, the Mysterious Mouse, and the Cat with the Face of a Gentleman!

Horse Riding Across Klaipeda’s Beaches

Horse riding is perhaps one of the most noble ways to spend your time in Lithuania. Riding along the beach is most beautiful at sunset, but a ride first thing in the morning or in the afternoon is just as good. On your trip, you’ll see authentic stable buildings which will please history buffs.

What could beat hearing the sound of water and hoofs in the sand? It’s good for the body and soul. Horse riding will make your cruise to Lithuania unforgettable as you saddle up and explore Klaipeda. No matter how little or how much riding experience you have, there are different tours to suit everyone.

Old Town and the Castle Museum

Located in the Prince Friedrich chamber under the bastion, Klaipeda’s Castle Museum was where artillery was stowed in the 17th century. You’ll uncover more about the castle’s history and learn about the archaeological discoveries, historical documents and traditional clothing.

First cited many years ago in 1252, the city’s mighty castle stood on this site in its many forms for centuries before it was eventually demolished by the end of the 19th century. Set in two separate underground sections, the castle sheds light on the fascinating history of this beautiful city.

Top Ports of Call in This Destination

  • Klaipeda