Why choose a cruise to Ponta Delgada?

Ponto Delgada is a striking city of whitewashed buildings decorated with black volcanic stone and mosaic-patterned pavements. The city has a multicultural feel, with inhabitants hailing from Asia, China and India. This adds to its unique Azorean culture. There are lots of restaurants where you can try local dishes, too.

The city is blessed with stunning natural scenery. It boasts a coastline of black-sand beaches, lapped with the cobalt waters of the Atlantic, and is encircled by green hills. Travel just a few miles away and you’ll discover stunning lakes in submerged volcanic craters.

ponta delgadaA guide to Ponta Delgada’s hotspots

Visit Largo da Matriz, a city square surrounded by boutiques and restaurants. It’s also where you’ll see some stunning examples of the Azores’ traditional monochrome architecture, including the Church of St Sebastian. Make sure you peek inside to admire the ornate wooden carvings and blue-tiled interior.

Enjoy a taste of local life at the Mercado da Graça, a market bursting with stalls selling local produce and delicacies. You’ll see tables piled high with locally grown pineapples, and be able to purchase local cheeses and cured meats, including spicy sausages. This is a great place to stock up on picnic supplies.

Take a half-an-hour journey to visit Lagoa das Sete Cidades, the island’s iconic twin lakes, which are submerged in a volcanic caldera. While one is a stunning sapphire colour, the other has shimmering emerald waters. Sete Cidades village is perched on the rim of the crater, and makes for a picture-perfect lunch spot.

Near the twin lakes, on the coast, you’ll find the natural swimming pools of the Ponta da Ferraria. They’re separated from the ocean by walls of lava, and sheltered from the strong currents. A geothermal spring also warms the water, so you can enjoy a dip all year round.

porta delgadaCruise lines that sail to the port of Ponta Delgada

The best time to visit Ponta Delgada

During July and August, temperatures range from 23°C-25°C, perfect weather to soak up some sun on one of the black-sand beaches.

The Azores are also a fabulous winter sun destination. Visit during winter, when the weather ranges from 18°C-20°C, and enjoy a sun-soaked winter holiday.

Did you know?

· Ponta Delgada has a fascinating local cuisine, specialising in limpet-based dishes and green-tea pudding

· São Miguel is the only place in the world where pineapples are grown in greenhouses

· Ponta Delgada boasts some fascinating, quirky street art