Why Choose a Cruise to Koh Samui?


Explore secluded caves or lose yourself in the deep-blue waters of Chaweng in Koh Samui. It’s a pristine, forested island with white-sugared sands. A keen shopper? Head into town and shop for silk and handicrafts. And don’t leave the island without checking out the hidden coves and sipping fresh coconuts on Chaweng Beach, the island’s longest and most popular strip.

Koh Samui’s meringue-coloured beaches are studded with bars, restaurants and massage stands. Ride along like a royal on a Thai elephant or venture inland and visit the magnificent cascading waterfalls. Alternatively, visit a plantation where monkeys harvest coconuts!

A Guide to Koh Samui’s Hotspots

One of the island’s most famous landmarks includes the well-known Big Buddha shrine which sits on the northern coast of Koh Samui. It’s 12 metres high – you’ll even see it from several kilometres away! Go inside the temple and you’ll spot numerous shrines and other smaller decorative Buddhas.

Hop aboard the huge tour boat from Koh Samui and visit Ang Thong Marine Park, made up of 42 pristine islands, where you’ll see lush jungle, limestone mountains, mangroves, waterfalls and lakes. Or kayak along the glorious coastline, hike to Mae Koh and snorkel at Wua Talap Island.

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Cascading from the island’s highest points are Na Muang Waterfalls, about 12km from Na Thon. These two waterfalls are gorgeous when in full flurry, gushing icy water into rock pools which pour down towards the sea.

Perhaps the hub of Koh Samui is Chaweng Beach. You’ll also find plenty of nightlife, bars and restaurants here. The swathe is almost three kilometres long where holidaymakers of all ages tour from bar to bar, taking advantage of the cheap drinks and blaring music.

A quieter part of the island is the gorgeous fishing village of Bophut. Enjoy the peaceful beach here or indulge in a coffee at one of the local restaurants. In the fisherman’s village are various original wooden homes, built in the 19th century by a group of Chinese immigrants, as well as food stalls, cafes and other eateries.

kho samuiCruise Lines That Sail to the Port of Koh Samui

The Best Time to Visit Koh Samui

Koh Samui’s climate is warm all year round, with temperatures ranging between 28°C-32°C. There’s around seven hours of sunshine each day, depending on the time of year. The best thing about this island is the fact it doesn’t get the south-west monsoon that affects other parts of Thailand.

From May and September, it’s a better choice for dry, warm weather than the likes of Khao Lak and Phuket on the Andaman Coast. Interestingly, it has its own rainy season from October to December, when the weather is mostly wet and warm. A lot of travellers go to Koh Samui between December and April when it’s balmy and dry.

Did You Know?

  • Koh Samui is 700km from Bangkok
  • The island has some of the best viewpoints you’ll ever see
  • There are three must-see waterfalls, including Na Muang 1, Na Muang 2, Hin Lad and Khun Si
  • You can dive with whale sharks