Why Choose A Cruise To Singapore?

Whether you’re after dramatic large-scale attractions or looking for something a little more low-key, Singapore provides an ample range of activities. Limitless shopping opportunities are interspersed with greenery to create a city that gives boredom the cold shoulder from the outset.

Enclaves such as Chinatown retain their authentic charm, with 19th-century shophouses and temples actively inviting your camera. Other districts, such as the Marina Bay area, provide a glimpse of architectural innovation at its best, inspiring an innate sense of awe at their scale.

singaporeA Guide to Singapore’s Hotspots

For visitors to Singapore, the only minor inconvenience you face is the impossibility of fitting the must-sees all into one trip. With such an enviable array of attractions on offer, the city deserves a second visit, but for those with limited time, the following hotspots should be your priority:

Orchard Road

Venture down Orchard Road and witness retail therapy elevated to an art form. This bustling boulevard is a veritable treasure trove of unexpected delights, from world-class dining destinations to the established Tangs department store that caters to every conceivable whim.

singapore orchard roadGardens by the Bay

As a consummate award-winner, the Gardens by the Bay attraction deserves unanimous acclaim. Featuring a futuristic park and skywalk, visitors are provided with ample opportunity to immerse themselves in nature, and appreciate alluring views while they’re at it.


sentosa beachSituated off the coast of Singapore, the island of Sentosa can be easily accessed from the city by either road, cable car or monorail. In terms of highlights, the Tiger Sky Tower is worthy of note, offering panoramic views of the Indonesian coastline. Additionally, both Palawan and Tanjong Beach provide opportunities to fully unwind.

Cruise Lines That Sail To The Port of Singapore

· Marella Cruises

· Princess Cruises

· Cunard Cruises

· Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines

The Best Time to Visit Singapore

Singapore’s temperature remains fairly consistent throughout the year, with temperatures ranging between 23˚C and 30˚C.

The equatorial climate does mean that there are two distinct monsoon seasons to consider; the first lasts from November to March, with the second taking place from June to September each year. To avoid this, visit in February, when precipitation levels are at a minimum.

Did You Know?

• Singapore’s topography is incredibly diverse; the Bukit Timah Nature Reserve boasts a wider variety of trees than the North American Continent

• Alongside Monaco and the Vatican, Singapore is one of only three remaining city states in the world

• In Singapore, the back of every $1,000 note features the lyrics to the national anthem in microtext