Why choose a cruise to Mangalore?

Located on India’s sun-kissed Konkan Coast, Mangalore is part relaxed coastal town and part thriving Indian metropolis, making it fascinating to explore. There are lots of architectural hidden gems to discover, from 1,000-year-old temples to pastel-painted churches. It’s easy to escape Mangalore’s hustle and bustle by retreating to one of the city’s many public parks.

Travel north or south down the coast, and it won’t be long before you end up at one of the region’s picturesque, palm-tree fringed beaches. Several are even located within city limits. Meanwhile, if you venture inland you’ll discover lush greenery, unspoilt temple towns, and the misty blue peaks of the Western Ghats.

A guide to Mangalore’s hotspots

If you want some nature on your Mangalore cruise, take a trip to Pilikula Biological Park on the outskirts of the city. It’s an eco-tourism project spread over 350 acres of land. There you’ll find an aquarium, boating lake and open zoo where you’ll spot tigers and king cobras. This is a great kid-friendly activity that grown-ups will enjoy, too.

Visit the Kadri Manjunath Temple, located in Mangalore’s Kadri Hill District. This ornate temple houses a 1,000-year-old statue of Lokeshwara, made of bronze. You’ll find serene gardens filled with ponds where you can have a quiet moment of reflection.

The city is renowned for its seafood, and if you go on a Mangalore cruise, make sure you try it. Dig into spicy curries flavoured with coconut and tangy kokum, or rich, buttery roast prawns. The picturesque hilltop restaurant of Gajalee is one of the city’s most popular seafood joints. Locals rave about the fish curries and batter-fried Bombay duck (a local fish).


Head eight miles out of the city and you’ll discover the sleepy fishing village of Ullal. It boasts a serene beach of golden sand fringed by casuarina trees. You’ll find stalls selling chai and Indian snacks, and there are several temples and a ruined fort to explore nearby.

Cruise lines that sail to the port of Mangalore

The best time to visit Mangalore

Visit during the dry months of December and January for cloudless skies and temperatures averaging 28°C.

Mangalore has a rainy season between May to September. Visit towards the end of the season when the rains have begun to abate. You’ll love exploring the city’s green, flourishing parks, and trekking to the nearby Adyar Falls.

Did you know?

· The city is called different things in various Indian languages – it has nine different names

· One of the most popular events is Kambala – a buffalo race across muddy, waterlogged tracks

· Mangalore is the birthplace of Yakshagana, a colourful, unique folk-dance