Why choose a cruise to Sabang?

For those seeking an authentic island experience – without the trappings of commercialism – a visit to Sabang is a must. Unlike other perennial favourites, the island remains relatively unspoilt, with an array of aquatic activities to tempt even the most steadfast landlubbers to sample the delights of its shores. Relaxation is the order of the day for both travellers and locals, where concerns are cast aside in favour of personal wellbeing, and the concept of time redefined.

sumatraA guide to Sabang’s hotspots

Despite the lack of big-name attractions, Sabang’s charms are more of the natural variety; from exploring the diverse marine life to luxuriating in its languid waters; the island sits back, relaxes, and lets its topography do the talking.

Downtown Sabang

Despite its diminutive size, downtown Sabang is worth a meander. The main street leads up to a hill, with several, notable buildings attesting to the town’s Dutch colonial heritage. The town is also a good starting point for exploring the rest of the island: both Gapang and Iboih beaches are a mere 40- to 50-minute ride from the port.

Gapang Beach

Gapang Beach’s variety of sealife makes it worthy of closer inspection. From stargazers and gurnards, to whale Sharks and mantas, the waters around Gapang are packed with rare species of marine life, offering ample opportunity to interact with them in their natural environment.

whale sharkRubiah Island

For a day trip from the shores of Sabang, Rubiah Island is sure to appeal. The snorkelling opportunities on the island reward intrepid explorers with sightings of moray eels and turtles alike. Additionally, there are several restaurants on the island itself to fuel your adventures and sample the local cuisine.

Cruise lines that sail to the port of Sabang

The best time to visit Sabang

Sabang possesses a distinctly tropical climate, with a fair amount of rainfall each month. Temperatures tend to remain relatively uniform throughout the year, with lows of 23°C-25°C and average highs of 29°C-31°C.

Although a year-round destination, from February and March humidity levels are at their lowest, making this a prime time to visit the island. May and June also provide pleasant conditions for visiting Sabang.

Did you know?

  • Although referred to as Sabang by locals, the island is informally known as Pulau Weh among travellers.
  • Despite its idyllic location, the island of Sabang is still off the tourist radar, and remains relatively undeveloped
  • Sabang is situated at the most westerly point of Indonesia