Popular Ports in the Andaman Islands

Port Blair

With strong British roots, Port Blair is located on the South Andaman Island and is also the capital of the Andaman Islands. The port is rich in lush and outstanding natural beauty; forests and mountains combine perfectly with plenty of history and culture to see and explore. With a bustling and busy harbour, you’ll find a lively market atmosphere on arrival.

For culture, a visit to the seafront Cellular Jail is a must see. Dating back to 1906, it stands as a reminder of the British rule in the Indian subcontinent; a dreaded colonial prison that was used to exile Indian political prisoners.

Located near the Bengali Club at Phoenix Bay, the Anthropological Museum is the place to discover the stories and lives of the island’s native tribes, including art and crafts, implements, tools, clothing and photographs. The Andaman and Nicobar Islands are home to four Negrito and two Mongoloid tribes.

Samudrika Naval Museum is the place to discover local marine life, including a vast collection of corals, cells and a variety of species of brightly coloured fish. Tropical cuisine is popular on the Andaman Islands, too. You’ll find fresh and spicy seafood dishes aplenty – paying a strong nod to Indian and Chinese influences. Try a mouth-watering traditional spicy coconut prawn curry or grilled lobster.

What are the best cruise ships for a cruise to the Andaman Islands?

You’ll want to choose a ship that will take you on a comfortable and entertaining journey to the magical and mysterious Andaman Islands. Here is the cruise ship to take you there…

Marella Discovery

Your journey to the Andaman Islands should begin in luxury, and what better way to start your voyage than on the majestic Marella Discovery. With a dining scene designed to delight its customers, all-inclusive is the way to go, offering a fantastic choice for foodies and brilliant variety for the whole family. Perfect for enjoying sunsets in the open air, you can catch a movie in the outdoor cinema or get yourself sea-ready with a swim in the indoor pool. What better way to start your holiday to the Andaman Islands?

Shore excursion ideas

With such rich history, culture and beautiful scenery to see and explore on this jewel of an island in the south-east corner of India, you’ll get most of your visit to Port Blair by booking an excursion to see the sights and further exploring the Andaman Islands.

Port Blair City Tour

On this tour, you’ll visit the Samudrika Naval Museum and gaze in awe at 350 specimens of sea life and rare types of coral residing in the Andaman waters. Then onto the Anthropological Museum to learn about the tribal past of the islands. Next stop on the tour you’ll walk around the former prison known as the Cellular Jail. Here you’ll experience a sound and light show, as well as a museum and art gallery. As the tour draws to a close, you’ll be taken along the coast and enjoy a spot of shopping in Aberdeen Bazaar.

Ross Island’s Historical Roots

This ferry tour takes you to nearby Ross Island, three kilometres east from downtown Port Blair. You’ll take a bus from the port to Aberdeen, then take a boat across the Andaman Sea. During the Indian Rebellion of 1857, Ross Island played host to the administrative headquarters for the British, during which an army of Indian soldiers fought against British rule. You’ll see a variety of old structures here, then you’ll wander around the museum housing photographs and antiques discovered in the homes on the island.

Tuk-Tuk Tour

How better to explore Port Blair than on the popular form of local transport – a three-wheeler tuk-tuk? Each tuk-tuk seats two people and once you’ve settled in, your driver will take you on a tour of the famous Cellular Jail, and you’ll also stop at the colourful Murugan Temple. You’ll then spend time shopping at the bustling Aberdeen Bazaar – you’ll find clothes, jewellery wood carvings and more – ideal gifts for family and friends back home.

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