Cruises to North Africa

For a shorter venture that’s certainly not short on enchanting experiences, a cruise to the likes of Morocco in North Africa allows you to soak up all the spellbinding culture on offer in this Arabic location, whilst still remaining firming on the Med’s sunny, southern shore.

You’ll be blown away by the delightful domed architecture and minaret’s standing tall in Casablanca, and the Moroccan food will have your taste buds going on a journey too! Say hello to unspoilt beaches and a relaxing ambiance that’s just perfect for catching some rays in this all-year-round sunny climate.

Splurge on a colourful rug or enjoy a light-hearted haggle at the markets for a trinket to take home. And for a real African experience, take a camel ride through the dessert!

Cruises to South Africa

The world’s second largest continent is home to a country well known for its fascinating history and fantastic wildlife. In Cape Town, you’ll go from feeling like you’re in a modern city one minute to becoming at-one with nature the next.

Feel on top of the world when you reach the highest point of the city’s most defining attraction – Table Mountain, and as you make your way to the surrounding shores you’ll even find yourself in prime whale-watching locations!

Wildlife is in absolute abundance in this destination, so go in search for the ‘big five’ – that’s elephants, lions, leopards, rhinos and buffalo. Along with its stunning climate, do you really need another reason to cruise to South Africa?

The best time for an Africa cruise

There’s really no bad time to go on an Africa cruise – temperatures vary from sizzling hot to mild and pleasant all-year-round. If you’re heading to the northern part of Africa, the best times to visit Morocco are generally spring and autumn – when the weather is lovely and warm, allowing you to truly explore a bit easier than in the scorching heat of summer.