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Cruises in September promise plenty – destinations are far less crowded than during the summer holidays, but in places such as Europe, the weather is still delightfully warm. It’s possible to get some great cruise deals in September, as it’s outside the peak season to travel. Here are some of our favourite destinations for cheap cruises in September.

Where to cruise in September?


Italy is a fantastic destination for September cruises. The heat of summer has died down, making it a great time for sightseeing and city breaks, but the weather’s still pleasant enough for plenty of al frescopizza and pasta meals.

A popular Italian cruise port is Livorno, the gateway to Pisa and Florence, two of Italy’s most scenic cities. The temperature averages 21°C, with highs of 26°C, so you’ll appreciate a delicious Italian gelatoafter checking out historic sights such as the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Michelangelo’s David statue in Florence. Venice is a little cooler (average temperatures of 20°C and highs of 24°C), but it’s still warm enough to enjoy an open-air gondola ride down the city’s picturesque canals. Click to find cruise deals to Italy.


Check for September cruise deals to the picturesque, sun-drenched island of Corsica. With cloudless skies and temperatures averaging 21°C, it’s perfect weather for hiking, sightseeing, and a spot of sunbathing on the beach.

Most cruise ships dock at Ajaccio, a beautiful town of pastel-coloured houses nestled in a turquoise bay. Drive through the mountains to take a train ride through the maquis – aromatic herbs and shrubland that carpet Corsica’s hills. You’ll be reaching for your camera again and again. Click to find cruise deals to Corsica.


Spain is a hugely popular destination for holidaymakers, and it’s great to explore in September when the summer crowds have ebbed away. The weather’s still hot enough for a beach break, especially along the southern coast.

Head to the pretty coastal resort of Palamos, where temperatures can hit 27°C. Soak up the last rays of summer sun on the beach or head to nearby Barcelona to check out its fairytale architecture and chic tapas bars.

The sun-drenched town of Tarragona is just as warm, and also boasts some fabulous beaches. You’ll also enjoy exploring the maze-like streets of the picturesque walled old town. Click to find cruise deals to Spain.


If you’re looking for unique cruises in September, why not consider Iceland? Known as the land of ice and fire, you’ll find volcanoes, geysers and glaciers here. September is a good time to visit as you’ll avoid the bracing temperatures of winter, but the lengthening nights mean there’s a chance of seeing the Northern Lights.

Visit Akureyri, a picturesque town on the northern coast. In September, temperatures average 7°C, with highs of 12°C. This time of year is a great time for whale-watching, too. Take a boat trip from Husavik, where the chance of seeing humpback, blue or minke whales in incredibly high. If you dock in Reykjavik – where the temperatures are similar to Akureyri ­– you can warm up with a dip in the geothermally heated waters of the famous Blue Lagoon. Click to find cruise deals to Iceland.


There’s nothing more idyllic than a trip to the Greek Islands, where villages of sugar-cube houses nestle on hillsides overlooking the sea. September’s a great time to visit, as the water is still warm enough to go swimming and you’ll find the weather delightfully sunny.

In Santorini, September temperatures peak at 26°C. You’ll be taken ashore in Thira, where you can enjoy exploring the whitewashed alleyways and flower-draped villas without jostling with high-season crowds. See if you can time your visit to coincide with the annual Ifestia Festival, which commemorates the volcanic eruption that created Santorini with a firework show in the volcano’s crater.

Many cruise ships also dock in Piraeus, where temperatures average 24°C. From here you can take a trip to Athens, where you can check out sights such as the famous Acropolis. Click to find cruise deals to Greece.


September is a popular time of year to visit Norway, a country of glassy fjords, numerous offshore islands and colourfully sophisticated towns. The air is crisp and autumnal but you won’t get too cold. Temperatures average 9˚C, so wrap up warm when visiting glaciers and fjords. And the further north you head, the better your chance of catching a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Click to find cruise deals to Norway.

September is a fantastic time to cruise Europe. Head south and it’s warm enough for sunbathing, or you can travel north and enjoy the wonders of nature such as whale-watching and Northern Lights spotting.

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