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Thousands of rivers score their way around the world, acting as natural expressways to capital cities and must-see sights. And, once you’ve been bitten by the river cruising bug, you’ll want to work your way along all of them. It allows you to enter a city in style - cruise along the narrow waterways and enter ports of call you'd otherwise miss on a bigger ship.

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Where River Cruises Can Take You

RhineTake a cruise down one of Europe's most famous rivers and experience a variety of cultures and sights. The Rhine begins in the south eastern part of the Swiss Alps, flowing through Austria, Germany, France and Belgium before emptying into the North Sea from the Netherlands.



DanubeThe Danube begins in Germany's Black Forest, before winding its way through Austria, Slovakia, Hungary, Serbia, Croatia, Bulgaria, Moldova, and empties into the Black Sea in Ukraine and Romania. A river cruise on the Danube offers you the chance to experience parts of Eastern Europe you may well miss otherwise.



MoselleA tributary of the river Rhine, the Moselle stretches through France, Germany and Luxembourg.



RhoneThis 813km river begins its journey in Switzerland, before running through France, where a cruise will offer you unrivalled views of the picturesque French countryside, before emptying into the Mediterranean Sea.



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