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Cruises from Scotland

Scotland’s mainland has four major ports located on the east and west coastlines of the country. Glasgow Greenock cruise port is situated on the Clyde Estuary and it is a deep water port perfectly designed to accommodate cruise ships of all sizes.

There are no tidal restrictions at the port, so cruise ships have safe access 24/7. The port is within easy reach of Glasgow and has convenient links with the local road and rail networks. Following a recent programme of refurbishment there are lots of facilities for passengers, including shops and Wi-Fi access, and the terminal building is spacious and comfortable.

On the north bank of the River Forth, the Port of Rosyth offers easy access to the M90 and the cruise terminal has also recently been revamped.  Meanwhile, just across the water, the Port of Leith lies to the north east of Edinburgh and is the largest deep water port in Scotland. It is a major destination for cruise ships and more than 20,000 passengers pass through Leith cruise ship terminal every year.  New for 2016 is Dundee. 

Cruises from Greenock, Rosyth, Dundee & Leith